Willys Jeep Pickup Rat Rod

Willys Jeep Pickup is the culmination of our two year project building a Jeep rat rod ~:0) VivaChas!

Willys Jeep Pickup is the culmination of our two year project building a Jeep rat rod ~:0) VivaChas!

Willys Jeep Pickup Rat Rod from VivaChas!

Willys Jeep Pickup – Get Ur Print Here ~:0)

Well we finally got the old 51 Willys Jeep Pickup “finished”.  I put finished in quotes b/c U R never really finished with a rat rod project like this one.  There’s always something else to do.  Like on this rod we may be wanting to upgrade the front brakes to disc rather than the rebuilt drums it’s currently sporting.  And who knows about the transfer case! – Ha!  What’s a transfer case?  It’s sort of a second transmission on four-wheel-drive rides that gives the driver choice of several power application options – that’s all.  ~:0)

B/4 We Get Started – 51 Willys Jeep Pickup FOR SALE ~ SOLD!

Jeep Pickup Cartoon image available at the vendor when U click the Pix!

Jeep Pickup Cartoon image available at the vendor when U click the Pix!

Hey! B/4 We Get Started with our tale about the Willys Jeep – got an announcement! Ol’ VivaChas Sold the 51 Willys Jeep 4×4 Pickup truck used in several VivaChas Pictures! – Yeah! It’s over! It’s Sold! Nice Couple in our Neck of the Nape came by ~ bought it ~ and tooker home! Hope they have as much Fun with the old Jeep that JuJuni ~ the Internationally Recognized Opinionist ~ and Ol’ Chas did! Good Luck to ’em and God Bless! ~;0)

Really to get the full picture on a project like our Willys Jeep Pickup U’d have to have a little fun doing some research.  That’s why I’ve included some content for a couple of Jeep related sites I like.  The first is Part 1 of a hot rod project on a classic old Flat-Fender Jeep – have a look at the links for the whole picture. ~:0)

Part I: Assembling A Flatrod Chassis From Remnants

It really started about three years ago when we saw an artist’s rendering of a flatfender Jeep hot rod on jalopyjournal.com. It seemed like a cool way to build an original-looking hot rod for a lot less money than working with a traditional Model A Ford. So we started collecting parts in the corner of the garage and yard that for the most part sat untouched for several years. We didn’t want to spend any money, so these were the kind of parts that off-road Jeep enthusiasts simply throw away or recycle because they are deemed too weak for heavy off-road use. Ultimately we wanted a rat rod assembled with Jeep parts that was built the way a Jeep guy would do it. Since beginning the garbage collection, we had seen several real versions of flatfender hot rods done in different ways. While some had cool ideas and interesting lines, none of ’em looked like what we wanted. And that’s kind of the point of building your own hot rod in the first place. Eventually we realized that we nearly had a complete hot rod Jeep in the form of a pile-o-parts. So we went to work assembling our flatrod with recycled Jeep junk. Keep an eye out for the next issue, where we’ll slap the hand-me-down powertrain into our Sloppy Seconds project….More at Jeep Rat Rod Sloppy Seconds Part One – Jp Magazine – Four Wheeler

Willys Jeep Pickup - No - the Jeep project from JP Magazine - photo courtesy JP Magazine

Willys Jeep Pickup – No – the Jeep project from JP Magazine – photo courtesy JP Magazine

Back to that Willys Jeep Pickup for some Commentary  ~:0)

These guys are real pros when it comes to building a Jeep Rod from scratch but U know they’re not rocket scientist!  They’re hobbyists and enthusiasts just like anyone else was in the beginning.  They took the extra steps of teaching themselves the ins and outs of how to do the work over the life of the project.  Believe me – if most folks doing this kind of work can do it – U’ll probably be okay at it as well.  If not – hire help!  Have the tough stuff done by outside vendors.  All it takes is money!  U can afford anything U want to afford according to ole JuJu here at the Clubhouse! She’s so helpful – don’t know what we’d do without her! Did U Know She’s an Internationally Recognized Opinionist?  She is that and More Indeed! ~:0)

Kaiser Willys Blog

Here’s some input from another site I like.  It’s where we have gotten most of the parts we needed in the Willys Jeep Pickup Project.  They have a blog and forums section if I recall correctly where U can get to know other enthusiast.  And more importantly – get some good advice!  I pulled an intro from the Kaiser Willys Blog below so U can see what their site is like as well as the JP Magazine pull above.  ~:0)

1949 Willys Jeep Pickup Truck - Photo submitted by Glenn Duffin

1949 Willys Jeep Pickup Truck – Photo submitted by Glenn Duffin

“We hope everyone has a great 4th of July and would like to introduce 20 of our new Kaiser Willys Blog Members! We would like to give them a big welcome to the Willys Jeep Community! We enjoy hearing stories and seeing pictures of your Willys Jeep vehicles and sharing them with others! If you would like to have your Willys or Jeep photos posted to our blog, send your photos to the Kaiser Willys Blog Webmaster. Remember to include your name and your vehicle’s year, model, and a description or commentary about the album. Also there are many photos of beautiful Jeeps in our 2013 Catalog that  is now available….More at 20 New Kaiser Willys Blog Members!

But Wait!  There’s More!!

So there U have it.  The pix at the top of the page is naturally a VivaChas! rendering of our own Willys Jeep Pickup over at a spot we like to call Sunset Ridge.  As always U can get a nice print of any of our VivaChas! work at the Hot Rod Art Prints tab here at Hot Rodney Hot Rods.  They’re top flight prints on metal, acrylic sheet, canvas, archival paper and they can be framed as well.  Give it a go!  And have fun with the web sites we shared – they are great! ~:0) VivaChas!

Rat Jeep Deathwish Road Trip

“David Freiburger claims that this road trip on this episode of Roadkill is the most stupid thing that he and Mike Finnegan have ever done. Freiburger wanted to do a rat rod Jeep trip, so Finnegan bought an old Willys flatfender–one that had been turned into a two-wheel-drive rat rod using some very sketchy fabrication. The guys made it semi-safe, then hit the road to drive to the Desert Bar in Parker, Arizona, where they sold the Jeep to a guy for the price of their bar tab. Watch to see the crazy fun in the scariest vehicle ever on Roadkill.   Roadkill appears every fourth Friday on the Motor Trend channel.http://www.youtube.com/motortrend


Willys Jeep Pickup at Hot Rodney Hot Rods


51 Willys Jeep Pickup Rat Rod T-Shirt from VivaChas!

51 Willys Jeep Pickup Rat Rod T-Shirt from VivaChas!

And Remember the VivaChas! T-Shirt Shop where you can scroll the huge selection or click the pix on the left to get the Jeepers Tee – Go Get Ur T-Shirt! ~:0)





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