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64 Barracuda the BaddaCuda - copyrighted art from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! Click Pix to Buy a Print!

64 Barracuda the BaddaCuda – copyrighted art from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! Click Pix to Buy a Print!

VivaChas sez – Got to have those Resources if Ur gonna do any serious Rodding.  Hard to find parts – Calendars – Rods for Sale – Hot Rod Prints and a lot more can be found right here on the Hot Rodney Hot Rods Resources Page.  If U think U got something our readers might like – drop us a line and we’ll talk about it.  Reciprocal links could be arranged with the right parties.  Anyway – if Ur looking for something for Ur Rod or Ur Clubhouse – the listings here might help.  ~:0) VivaChas!


Trick Truck ‘N Rod Shop!

Trick Truck n Rod let us use this pix of one of their great Trucks! Click It!

Trick Truck n Rod let us use this pix of one of their great Trucks! Click It!

If U’re out in Ohio U gotta get Ur work done by Tom Hurd at Trick Truck ‘N Rod! The shop’s located out in the countryside of Eaton Ohio near the small town of Camden. It’s a small shop with all the right tools and equipment needed to produce a quality job without big shop overhead and prices. The Shop is located on the same property as Tom’s residence, that’s the way I like a Rod Shop! That way everything’s more secure and more accessible to customers. That way Tom and his crew can offer flexible hours for U guys! Give him a call at (937) 470-8831 to talk over Ur Project. ~;0) VivaChas Likes the Bunch at Trick Truck n Rod!


Classic Cars for Sale

When U R looking for a Hot Rod or Vintage Ride U gotta looking in the right places.  One of those places I like is a place called Antique Car dot com! Free classified ads for classic, vintage and antique cars and trucks, used cars, old cars, hot rods, roadsters and muscle cars. “This page gives you an overall view of everything for sale on You can sort the columns of information by clicking on the header at the top or click on an image to open the specific ad. Or, you can use the index below to go to a sub-category.” – How Cool is That! Here’s a link to their sight which is also the source of the pull-quote – Source:  Classic Cars For Sale

Here’s a Bewdy of a site I love! Even got a nice banner to Bob’s site!  He does great old skool car art that is the kind I grew up on – though ol’ VivaChas has been growing 4 a long time! – Haaa! Take a look at Bob Kramer’s Automotive Artwork! It’s Cool! U Go Bob! Hey! and send some buyers my way! – Ho! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

Rat Rod Studios

“Austin’s Pro Max has been serving the Tacoma region for over fifteen years with expert auto repair service for street, hi-performance and fleet vehicles. They fix over 2000 vehicles per year. Their team has eighty five years of combined experience and they’ve maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.”  That’s Great 4 an auto shop of any kind.  If U R up that way U might want to get to know the guys! That Pull-Quote source and link to their site is – Source: Tacoma Auto Repair 

VivaChas and GoDaddy!

You know those GoDaddy guys have been around 4 a long time in Inter-Web years! Ol’ Chas has registered a number of websites using GoDaddy.  Everybody knows they’re Cool.  That banner below is the way to Go over to the Gang at Go-Daddy! ~;0)

VivaChas and that Cool Custom Back-Glass!

Now U know where to get those custom rear window glass panels 4 Ur Ride! – Looks fab in the back window of Ur pickup. Personalize your rear window glass with a custom fit and custom designed rear window graphic mural – use that back-glass pix to click to their site.  Check ’em out!

Rear Window Applique Custom Rear Window Graphic Murals. Whatever you can dream up, they can create for you on your rear window glass. Send them a request for a quote with what you want to create, along with the size of your window. – Just Imagine having a Cool Custom Back-Glass Graphic! ~;0) VivaChas!

But What if I’m in Ann Arbor?

If U R in that Ann Arbor Area – U should check out Ann Arbor Automotive Experts – import auto repair from oil changes to detailing! They fix foreign and domestic cars such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo. That’s a lot of Auto Marques they work on! The do Brake service, transmission repair, alignments, engine tuning, everything in between – And that’s a Good Thing! ~;0) VivaChas!

Auburn Washington!

Wow! What a auto-shop in the Auburn Area! – Auburn City Imports is a family-owned and operated auto repair facility serving the residents of Covington, WA. They’ve been serving the Honda and Acura car owners in the community for over 30 years. – Click that Cool Icon Below to Check ’em Out!

VivaChas and Transmissions

  Transmission Repair :- U know VivaChas has killed some transmissions in my time! If Ur in the Tacoma Washington area – U could do worse than checking out this great bunch of transmission experts! – Full service Tacoma, WA transmission auto shop for new transmission installation and transmission repair or rebuilds. Dial 253-777-1979.

U and a bunch Called Traffic Surf

If U want to promote Ur website and Ur Budget is tight when it comes to generating traffic – U might want to give the Guys at Traffic Surf a Go!  It’s fun doing the stuff they’ve developed to help U learn the ropes about upping Ur visitors. ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

VivaChas Likes these Ford eBook Manuals!

Ford Repair Manuals  Ol’ VivaChas has a wish.  That wish is – every auto-marque had a source like these for Fords.  We don’t Fix or Repair Daily – But when a repair is needed and U want a certain – often hard to get – manual – These R the Goods!  Use the link to take a look at their huge selection of Ford Manuals!

Cool Business to Start!

Make Money Tinting Windows  Ever wonder who makes Storefronts look Great? There R Cleaning Pros do the Work! Use the Banner to see if it’s a business U’d like to start.  If it works out and U pull down some coin – come back to Hot Rodney Hot Rods and VivaChas and spread it around! – Haaa! ~;0) VivaChas!

Hot Rodney Funnies!

Hot Rodney Funnies  Sometimes there’s stuff that just plain crazy to share.  That’s what Hot Rodney Funnies is about.  It’s got Weird Stuff – And – It’s Got Cool Stuff!  Stuff like Buskers! What R Buskers and What is Busking? Use the Icon to go find out!  – There’s some pretty weird stuff there too – Haaa!!

What? VivaChas and Electric Cars!

Yeah! – Why Not? – U know what the fastest accelerating rides R? – U Guessed it! Electric!!! – U got to check this out.  Ol’ VivaChas is secretly working on a – long term – project.  These R the guys with the How to Make it Work Expertise – U gotta give ’em a Go! – Click their banner to find out more about it! ~;0)

Convert Ur Car to Electric

Got Website?

Oh Man! – If U got a website it’s a good idea to get listed on some Web Directories. I like these guys! It’s Easy and it’s Free! What Could Be Better? – Go On – Check ’em out!  Free Web Directory – Deep Links OK!  – Find Ur Niche! ~;0)

VivaChas and Cool Office Stuff!

U know ol’ VivaChas likes cool automotive stuff around the Clubhouse.  And these lighted acrylic signs R so cool! U send them a photo of Ur ride and they can make a very cool lighted spectacular thingy 4 Ur desk! – We like ’em!  Think U will too! Click their pix below to have a look!

Custom lighted acrylic signs made from a photo of your vehicle, graphic or logo!

Custom lighted acrylic signs made from a photo of your vehicle, graphic or logo!

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