Texana Rat Rod Flatbed Truck

Texana Rat Rod Flatbed Truck catching a few rays at Joshua Springs outside Comfort Texas

Texana Rat Rod Flatbed Truck catching a few rays at Joshua Springs outside Comfort Texas

Texana Rat Rod Flatbed Truck - Buy a Print Now ~:0)

I don’t mind telling U – I love this 46 Ford Flatbed Truck.  I think I’ll call it the Texana Rat Rod!  How’s that sound?  I like it!  And in this venue I guess that’s all that matters.  U know what I like about this rod?  Well I’m gonna tell U. ~:0)


First off – take a look at the hood latch on the front of the hood.  How cool is that?  Sorry if Ur looking at a small pix of the Texana Rat Rod and can’t quite see the detail I’m talking about.  Guess that’s the advantage of a nice sized print rather than a tiny little snap-shot size.  There’s just so much more to see and enjoy in a nice 16 x 20 or larger.  – Ha!


While Ur at it check out the nice Ford mark on the side of the Texana Rat Rod hood!  Bewdy!  And while Ur at it take a look at that fab vent down the whole side of the hood as well.  These must have been cool running machines back-in-the-day!  We’re talking air flow baby!  And who brought up repetition of form?  U did?  U get an “A” for the day!  – Yeh!  Look at the Art Deco styling of this work truck!  It’s hard to believe all the styling going on here on this Texana Rat Rod.  Woof!!!


Anyone spot the three amber lights up top on the roof of this ride?  They’re bewdies too!  They’re not just lights.  U should see the detail in them.  They’re beautiful statements of lighting!  I’ve got a shot of this thing with all the lights lit up that I’ll be posting soon.  This is the flatbed truck of choice.  Carries the load and yet nimble enough for a nice evening’s cruise after working all day.  Now that’s a truck for U!  That’s the Texana Rat Rod!


BTW – regarding the grille on this thing.  There are no teeth on it missing.  That’s variety in design again on this masterpiece of automotive engineering!  There’s a pattern to the spacing – One – Three- Two – radiating out from the centerline.  This truck is an industrial design work of art!  Needless to say – I love it!  I even like the sign painted on the side of the door.  Texana Garage – Boerne, Texas.  How cool is that!!!  How cool is the Texana Rat Rod?  I ask U.  How cool is that ride?!  The Owner – Dean Sprowl – has one fine Rod here.  ~:0) VivaChas!

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