Avanti Too – Avanti Two – Avanti II

Avanti Too Copyrighted Image from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! - Click the Pix to Buy a Print ~;0)

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Avanti originally made by Studebaker in the Early-Sixties. It was reborn at the Car Manufacturer’s demise as the Avanti II. It was resurrected by a stack of entrepreneurial companies again and again over the years. – But! – Today we’re talkin’ … Continue reading

57 Thunderbird

57 Thunderbird the Iconic American Classic Car

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57 Thunderbird the Iconic American Classic Car – Buy a Print Here ~:0) – Available as a Greeting Card as well ~;0) There is a dream in the collective unconscious.  It is a dream as old as time itself.  The dream is for … Continue reading

71 Z28 Camaro Tribute

71 Z28 Camaro Tribute the Muscle Car I'd choose for a midnight cruise

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71 Z28 Camaro Tribute Suitable For Framing – Buy a Print Here ~:0) The night was sultry by the time we got back to the clubhouse.  We’d been on a shoot up on the ridge above Screwy-Louie’s old place.  We could see across the … Continue reading

60 Corvette Roadster in Red

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Corvette Roadster in red Up in the Texas Hill Country – Buy a Print Here ~:0) This pristine restored 60 Corvette Roadster in red was the nicest of a bevy of Vettes at Lester’s Garage Show in Boerne earlier this month.  What … Continue reading

Sports Car in Red

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Sports Car in Red on a Perfect Day for a Cruise – Buy a Print Here ~:0) Well I know this statement will send some round the bend.  But here goes!  This is a Red Sports Car.  I’m not sure what  else … Continue reading

Corvette Sunset

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Corvette Sunset – Buy a Print Here ~:0) The Chevrolet Corvette in its various incarnations has long been touted as America’s only production sports car.  That moniker has long been contested by other U.S. manufacturers.  We won’t mention any names.  This current … Continue reading

Mustang GT 500

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Mustang GT 500 Ready for Mustangs Across America Drive – Buy a Print Here ~:0) Okay this is one bewdy of a Mustang GT 500 we photographed in anticipation of the 50th Anniversary Mustangs Across America Drive upcoming.  The MAA Drive will … Continue reading

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