T Rat Rod at the Beach DownUnder with VivaChas

T Rat Rod DownUnder from VivaChas - Click the Pix to Shop 4 a Gift! ~;0)

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T Rat Rod at the Beach DownUnder is an Iconic Image related to a Concept suggested by the Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJuni from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! U can get Urself a print of this VivaChas Original by Shopping Here! … Continue reading

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster from VivaChas

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas!

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Hot Wheels Camaro – Most Popular T-Shirt at VivaChas! The print does well too – BUT – What’s that mean 4 U? Believe Me – U could use the Upgrade in Cool! Both in the House and on Ur Back! Go … Continue reading

Custom 37 Ford Pickup

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Custom 37 Ford Pickup – Buy a Print Here If U Like ~:0) Imagine – if U will – a time in American culture when form over-ran function.  Think about the effect that might have on the daily hum-drum.  Let’s say U … Continue reading

Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Camaro Hot Wheels Edition from Chevrolet is Hard to Resist with that cute little logo on the side ~:0)

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Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition – Buy a Print Here ~:0) Okay this is Cool.  Apparently marketing at Chevrolet has come up with a wizard of an idea.  Or maybe it was the brilliant lot at Mattel came up with it.  But … Continue reading

Bad 55 Chevy Rat Rod

Bad 55 Chevy Rat Rod

This gallery contains 2 photos.

A Bad 55 Chevy Rat Rod and Crew out on the Prowl onna Saturday Night! ~:0) Bad 55 Chevy Rat Rod – Get Ur Print Here ~:0) This oh so bad 55 chevy rat rod was spotted ’round midnight prowling through the … Continue reading

Truck Engine So Sanitary How Do They Keep It So Clean

Truck Engine

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Sanitary Truck Engine – Get Ur Print Here ~:0) A Sanitary Truck Engine a sight to behold.  Wow!  Normally I don’t care much about the mill under the hood of a truck.  It’s the open Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Custom, Street Rod … Continue reading

Texas Midnight Hauler

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Texas Midnight Hauler – Buy a Print Here ~:0) That Texas Midnight Hauler I promise, I believe this truck has been powder coated! The paint was thick and had that orange peel texture one sees on that sort of paint. – The pickup … Continue reading

Big Black Lincoln Rag Top the New Size Lincoln for 1961

Big Black Lincoln Rag Top Get A Print!

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Big Black Lincoln Rag Top – Buy a Print Here ~:0) When I first spied this bewdy of a Continental – A Big Black Lincoln Rag Top to be more precise – I remembered this massive road yacht of a car was … Continue reading

Anglia Dragster And A Duce Staged For A Grudge Run

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Anglia Dragster – Buy a Print Here ~:0) Yeh there’s nothing like drag races at night!  They really light up the night sky in low light. – photographers love that stuff.  This VivaChas Hot Rod Art is an Anglia Dragster and a Duce … Continue reading

Chevy SSR Night Life – Hot Rods Live Secret Lives

Chevy SSR by VivaChas Hot Rod Art! Click the Pix to Shop ~:0)

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Chevy SSR Pickup – Get Ur Print Now – Rest of Us’ll Wait ~:0) Mark my words – One Day I’m going to own a slick Chevy SSR – it could happen! ~:0) Chevys Remembered I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever … Continue reading

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