Corvette Stingray Day at the Beach 2018

Corvette C-7 Day at the Beach is available as a print on canvas and other surface - Click the Pix or the Text Link to Buy a VivaChas Print!

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First of All – The Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJuni opined that, “It’s a hot day at the beach!” ~;0)  –  Yeah – Day at the Beach with a Corvette Stingray and Illustrator/Story-Teller Chas Sinklier – aka VivaChas author and illustrator … Continue reading

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster from VivaChas

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas!

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Hot Wheels Camaro – Most Popular T-Shirt at VivaChas! The print does well too – BUT – What’s that mean 4 U? Believe Me – U could use the Upgrade in Cool! Both in the House and on Ur Back! Go … Continue reading

Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Camaro Hot Wheels Edition from Chevrolet is Hard to Resist with that cute little logo on the side ~:0)

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Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition – Buy a Print Here ~:0) Okay this is Cool.  Apparently marketing at Chevrolet has come up with a wizard of an idea.  Or maybe it was the brilliant lot at Mattel came up with it.  But … Continue reading

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