Hot Rod Dreams VivaChas Hot Rod Stories

Hot Rod Dreams and VivaChas Hot Rod Stories - Lots of Custom Gifts for Rodders! Click to Shop for Great Swag!

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What are Hot Rod Dreams? – – – Obviously Hot Rod Dreams would include pining for that great old ride U had back-in-the-day. For Ol’ Chas it’d be that Sleeper ’56 Ford Fairlane that we’d prowl the streets in looking … Continue reading

Rat Rod Flatbed 46 Ford Drawing

Rat Rod Flatbed 46 Ford Cross-Hatch Drawing Print from VivaChas!

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Rat Rod Flatbed 46 Ford Cross-Hatch Drawing Print from VivaChas! – Buy a Print Here ~:0) Tech Students and the Rat Rod Flatbed  46 Ford The other day one of my students seemed amazed that I could draw.  I guess his confusion in … Continue reading

Texana Rat Rod Flatbed Truck

Texana Rat Rod Flatbed Truck catching a few rays at Joshua Springs outside Comfort Texas

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Texana Rat Rod Flatbed Truck – Get Ur Print Here We’ll Wait 4 U I don’t mind telling U – I love this 46 Ford Flatbed Truck.  I think I’ll call it the Texana Rat Rod!  How’s that sound?  I like it!  … Continue reading

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