Taco Wagon Driver’s Dream – I Love Tacos!

Taco Wagon Driver's Dream from VivaChas! - click pix to shop!

Taco Wagon Driver’s Dream from VivaChas! – click pix to shop!

The Taco Wagon Driver’s Dream in Blazing Techie-Color – It’s Enough to make U Hungry 4 a Plate of ’em! That’s Right! It’s no Big Secret! VivaChas Loves Tacos! I Confess! – Happy? – Yeah – Me Too – b/c I Love Tacos! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art and Gifts! – Click the Pix above to Shop for a print of the Taco Wagon!

1947 International Taco Wagon

The ’47 International Panel Truck has always been one of the great rides. – But – It is seldom seen today. Ol’ Chas has owned a few International Pickups – Scout II 4×4 SUV and 4×4 Pickups.  They’re Good! – At least they’re good 4 Canadian Trucks! – Haaa!! – – – Come On! – Have a sense of Humor would ya! – International Harvester relocated to Canada yonks back – and – I’ve not gotten over it!  They were great trucks and I 4 one miss ’em.  –  Anyway – last I heard they were up in the Far North! – And 4 a Guy who started out in the Far South – and I am talking about the Southern Hemisphere – that’s quite the Big Deal! ~;0)

Dick Dale – Taco Wagon Music!

This is some of the music we’d hear at the Taco Wagon that would ply the sands off the Great Barrier Reef back-in-the-day.  It was a Surf Craze thing. Those were good tacos! – and – The Sheilas were second to none! – Yum! ~;0) Video Source: RockTown66

But We’re Talking ’bout the Taco Wagon!

Taco Wagon Logo - I Heart Tacos from VivaChas Hot Rod Art and Gifts! - Click the Pix to shop 4 a print! ~;0)

Taco Wagon Logo – I Heart Tacos from VivaChas Hot Rod Art and Gifts! – Click the Pix to shop 4 a print! ~;0)


Yeah – how’d we get off topic! This Blog Post is about The Ever Popular Taco Wagon! – U know the indomitable Roach Coach or the Lunch Van is where we’re headed!  These things have been around since b/4 the Romans ruled the world!

“A food truck, mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, roach coach, gut truck, catering truck, or (in Austin, Texas) food trailer, is a mobile venue that transports and sells food. Some, including ice cream trucks, sell frozen or prepackaged food; others resemble restaurants on wheels. Some may cater to specific meals, such as the breakfast truck, lunch truck or lunch wagon, snack truck, kebab trailer (UK), break truck, or taco truck.” Source: Wikipedia


I Like Chinese!

Taco Wagon? Don't think so! This cool food coach is from Wiki Food Truck Stuff!

Taco Wagon? Don’t think so! This cool food coach is from Wiki Food Truck Stuff!


Back-in-the-Day we ate from a Food Coach that served Great Chinese Food! – it was similar to the one pictured! – Good Eats! – – – “In the US, the Texas chuckwagon is a precursor to the American food truck. In the later 1800s, herding cattle from the Southwest to markets in the North and East kept cowhands on the trail for months at a time. In 1866, the “father of the Texas Panhandle,” Charles Goodnight, a Texas cattle rancher, fitted a sturdy old United States Army wagon with interior shelving and drawers, and stocked it with kitchenware, food and medical supplies. Food consisted of dried beans, coffee, cornmeal, greasy cloth-wrapped bacon, salt pork, beef, usually dried or salted or smoked, and other easy to preserve food stuffs. The wagon was also stocked with a water barrel and a sling to kindle wood to heat and cook food. – – –

VivaChas Makes a Great T-Shirt!

Taco Wagon Logo T-Shirts feature Ur Choice of stomach or chest location - Haa!! - Click Pix to Shop!

Taco Wagon Logo T-Shirts feature Ur Choice of stomach or chest location – Haa!! – Click Pix to Shop!

– – -Another early relative of the modern food truck is the lunch wagon, as conceived by food vendor Walter Scott in 1872. Scott cut windows in a small covered wagon, parked it in front of a newspaper office in Providence Rhode Island, and sold sandwiches, pies and coffee to pressmen and journalists. By the 1880s, former lunch-counter boy, Thomas H. Buckley, was manufacturing lunch wagons in Worcester, Massachusetts. He introduced various models, like the Owl and the White House Cafe, with features that included sinks, refrigerators and cooking stoves, also colored windows and other ornamentation.

Later versions of the food truck were mobile canteens, which were created in the late 1950s. These mobile canteens were authorized by the U.S. Army and operated on stateside army bases. – – –

Roach Coaches

– – – Mobile food trucks, or “roach coaches,” have been around for years, serving construction sites, factories, and other blue-collar locations. In big cities of the U.S. the food truck traditionally provided a means for the on-the-go person to grab a quick bite at a low cost. Food trucks are not only sought out for their affordability but as well for their nostalgia; and their popularity continues to rise.” – – – And let’s not forget some of these Kabob Wagons make a great street rod like our I Love Taco Wagon Deluxe pictured above! Source: Wiki Food Truck

Taco Wagon Philosophy

Here’s a quick video in which the owner of a successful Food Coach shares some Secrets! Video Source: tulsaworld

So U Want a Taco Wagon Food Coach!

Sure – maybe U’d like to start Ur own Roach Coach Biz. Take a look at this video to learn why those things cost as much as they do! – Yikes! – The things better than our kitchen out at the VivaChas Clubhouse! Video Source: Apollo Carts

It’s Hard Work!

Seems like no matter what U do to scratch out a living – It’s Hard Work! – Whether Ur building Hot Rods 4 a living or serving gourmet eats at Ur own Kabob Kart – It a Job of Work! – – – Nobody succeeds w/o really trying! – – – The Government certainly is not Ur business friend. – They want to take all the credit for Ur long hours and personal sacrifice! – And then they want to put U out of business just b/c no bureaucrat gets what U R up about! – – – God Love ’em – Ol’ VivaChas loves every one of them like Brothers! – Really!! – – But – – Nobody understands Ur business or job of work like U do.  That’s why U gotta Get Up! – Get Out There! – And Cruise once in awhile!! Even if it’s only to shake out the cobwebs and that R & R Factor that the Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJuni talks about alla time! – I’ve often heard her say, “U gotta kick back and smell the Martini once in awhile!” – – – and U know What? – She’s Right! – Double + Plus + Haaa!!

Special VivaChas Hot Rod Tee Shirts!

I know U wear clothes! – It’s like I told the plumber the other day! – “I’ll bet U’re wearing a T-Shirt under that good looking AAA-Auger Uniform – Right? – – Yeah! – – Well it ought to be a VivaChas Tee!” – I mean Really! – Go Get Ur VivaChas Tee! – Click the Pix Below to Shop 4 Ur Tees! There R a Mad Number of them from which to Choose!!! ~;0)

There R hundreds of VivaChas Tees Just 4 U! - Click the Pix to Shop!

There R hundreds of VivaChas Tees Just 4 U! – Click the Pix to Shop!


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