Sedan Delivery Stormy Weather

Sedan Delivery Stormy Weather Approaches Near Sunset Makes For Good Times

Sedan Delivery Stormy Weather Approaches Near Sunset Makes For Good Times

Sedan Delivery Stormy Weather – Buy a Print Here ~:0)

Oh I do appreciate a nice Sedan Delivery.  The 1934 Ford Sedan Delivery is so much more elegant a ride than the 34 Ford Panel Delivery.  Especially this little bewdy b/c it appears to have not only been top-chopped and lowered – but – shortened as well.  I knew somehow the thing seemed sportier than a standard model.  Back here at the clubhouse I’ve had some time to compare this crazed orange street rod with stockers of the era.  ~:0)

Fascinating Video from United Car Exchange

This vid is a hoot to me!  They are so cool at this selling site – United Car Exchange.  Here we are looking at a video – on a world-wide network (the inter-web in case U didn’t get me drift) – and the antique rod’s description is done by a text reading robot software!  Crazy Cool if U ask me.  Nice ride BTW ~:0)  Source: UCE Mark

Don’t Care About the Guts – Well Mostly ~:0)

Back in 1934 something over 9500 of these light duty delivery cars were made by Ford.  A similar number of the Panel Delivery Standard and the Deluxe Panel model found their way to the streets.  The panel delivery seems to have had a sturdier frame – rated for heavier use.  Next to one another the Sedan Delivery and the Panel sport external visual differences.  And – that – is where I usually stop my examination of a rod.  All about the look of the thing as far as I’m concerned.  Same goes for olewhatshername!  She wants the pretty.  Doesn’t care about the guts. – Ha!

Real Live Car Salesman Video – It’s Great Fun!

The guy in this video is super-duper!  He’s selling this thing!  So much more fun than the robot voice in the vid above.  Enjoy it!  This sales dude is Great – makes me want this cool Sedan.  The reason we’re showing you a sedan as well is to show that Ford used the line as the basis for a work version – the Sedan Delivery.  Video Source:  Just Toys Classic Cars

Their Faces Were Red!

I know U lot out there are often of a different breed.  U want that hood open so U can crawl all over those chrome engine parts.  I’ve watched – amused – as two rodders stood toe-to-toe next to a beautiful hot rod arguing over the wire used to carry the spark to the plugs.  Their faces were red!  The car was yellow.  The sky was blue.  Not dissing anybody – just saying.  Know what I mean? ~:0)

1929 Ford A Sedan Delivery Street Rod

Had to show U this 29 Ford Model A Sedan Delivery – you get to hear how nice it sounds idling.   Notice it has a nice automatic trans – nice upgrade for those allergic to shifting and driving.  Sadly that means – to many – that his rod is not a hot rod b/c – “Hot Rods Have Three Pedals!”  Now if that statement leaves U confused that just means that there’s more for U to learn about rodding.  That’s why we’re here I guess.  But I think I covered that concept in another post so why rehash – Right? – Ha!  Video Source: spudsgarage

Watching the Weather Change ~:0)

Back to this Ford Sedan Delivery – its paint is orange.  And yet – there’s an elusive quality about it that allows the light to play games with Ur eyes.  It has a shimmering quality that choreographs a dance of light and dark influenced by the goings on around the rod.  Maybe it wasn’t the paint job.  Maybe it was the changing light of the approaching storm influenced by the sunset.  I don’t really know other than yonks of time passed in the presence of good rides and good people.  Photograph a little.  Chat a little.  It’s a good way to spend the time watching a thunderstorm move in.  And it’s a great way to begin a most excellent evening.

Seven Seconds of Joy!

This vid has a 28 Sedan Delivery burning out before our very eyes!  Seven whole seconds of the joy of unbridled acceleration.  What we miss in this vicarious video is the feeling and real noise of hot rod acceleration.  Gs – now fighter pilots and Stock Car drivers are laughing up their sleeve at that statement b/c of the G-Forces with which they contend.  But we’re talking ’bout regular folk here.  Cut some slack U jocks! – Ha!  Video Source: Ron Shalita

Half Goes to Help! ~:0)

Speaking of excellent – Some of U are likely unaware that when we sell a print of a very fine hot rod a substantial part of what U might want to call profit is donated to good folks that bring water to third world villages to help families care for one another.  That as well as for a group caring for kids and keeping them out of trouble closer to home.  Get Urself a VivaChas! print and be a part of something really good.  And every time U or Ur friends look at that hot rod art remember Ur part in that life-circle and smile.  ~:0) VivaChas!

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Sedan Delivery Stormy Weather Approaches Near Sunset Makes For Good Times

Sedan Delivery Stormy Weather Approaches Near Sunset Makes For Good Times



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