Roadster Means Rodding In-Touch With The Road

Roadster Means Rodding In-Touch With The Road

Roadster Means Rodding In-Touch With The Road – Click Pix to Shop for a Print!

37 Ford Roadster

First saw this – the world’s most beautiful roadster – at the Luckenbach Car Show.  It’s a peach!  Vintage restorers – Please Remain Calm!  No ancient treasures were harmed in the making of this exquisite street Rod!  That’s Right!  It’s a Kit Car  –  It’s all new!  And it’s one heck of a fine ride.  Let’s explore this avenue ~:0)

Who Makes This Stuff?

There are several makers providing this deucedly clever service out there.  Some come – Some go.  Some Stay!  That’s right!  There are some shops making these glorious – all new – safe and solidly built rods that are at the forefront of husbanding our antique resources for those who simply must have an all original restoration.  And that’s a Good Thing when it comes to a rare 37 Roadster like our bewdy pictured from VivaChas! ~:0)

One of Me Fave Roadster Sources

One of the shops that impresses me quite a lot is Oze Rod.  Please don’t ask me to pronounce it for you.  I’ve not ever fully understood those dictionary markings on pronunciation.  And mercifully this is not the venue for that sort of accuracy.  After all – this entire missive will likely end up being completely about me in the end – Ha!

What Oze Rod Says About Itself ~:0)

“Oze Rods Shop is a family owned business with a focus on custom built cars. Our cars are not mass produced, but created with each owner’s interests in mind. Because we focus on quality and not quantity, you will quickly see why we take pride in our work.

At Oze Rods Shop, we will custom build your street rod, hot rod or classic car to your specifications. Your car is under our watchful eye at all times. Everything except the interior is done in our shop facilities. Our relationship with street rod vendors gains us access to all the necessary parts and custom accessories for your custom street rod. You’ll quickly see that we are not “salesmen,” but professionals who take our work seriously. Our years of experience as car builders provide you with fashionable, fully functional, top of the line custom street rods.”  Source: Oze Rods

1937 Roadster and More – Oze Rod Video

Video Source: French Canadian VDO

Stirs The Blood!

The 37 Roadster stirs my blood like few other rods can.  Though I must say for a daily driver or for chauffeuring ole JuJu around it would be hard to beat the 1953 Buick Skylark Convertible – well and any of them through 56 or 57.  If any of you are considering a nice birthday gift for ole VivaChas – that would be a very considerate one.  Great luxury four-seaters those are – but I digress! – Ha!

Another 1937 Ford Roadster Video

Video Source: Street Machines Texas

All Day Long

I could watch these great looking rides all day long.  But I got stuff I gotta get done.  Putting a power brake unit on the ole VivaChas Jeep Pickup.  That’ll keep me busy – All Day Long – that’s for sure.  Have a look at this old ad from 1937 to give you some idea of the design mastery of contemporary hot rodders with serious car building money.  They take a cool old ride and rebirth it into a rolling work of art! ~:0)

1937 Ford Roadster Ad from Old Car Advertising - the photo is a Link to their site

1937 Ford Roadster Ad from Old Car Advertising – the photo is a Link to their site

Bet Most of You Didn’t Know ~:0)

“The Ford line of cars was updated in 1937 with one major change — the introduction of an entry-level 136 CID (2.2 L) V8 in addition to the popular 221 CID (3.6 L) flathead V8. The model was a refresh of its predecessor, the Model 48 (itself based on theModel 40A), and was the company’s main product. It was redesigned more thoroughly in 1941. At the start of production, it cost $850.

The 1937 Ford featured a more rounded look with fine horizontal bars in the convex front and hood-side grilles. The front grille was V-shaped, rather than following the fenders into a pentagon shape, as on the 1936 model. Faired-in headlights were a major modernization found on both the Standard and DeLuxe trim versions, though much of the rest of the design was shared between Ford’s two lines. A larger water pump was used to help aid in cooling.[1] ‘Slantback’ sedans gained a rear trunk door, though space was limited, and ‘Trunkback’ versions continued gaining sales. The station wagon had seating for eight passengers. A 4 door “convertible sedan” with roll up windows was offered in small numbers in the DeLuxe sries..[2]

The 1937-1940 generation of Fords is one of the most popular automobiles for hot rodding. Early stock car racing drivers also used Fords of this generation among other cars. This Ford also formed the basis for a style of dirt track racing car.” Source: Wikipedia

Love that Wiki-World!

Ha! – Love that Wiki-World for info that makes me feel smarter than I am.  Sorta gives one more respect for the complexities facing auto manufacturers as well.  Imagine a business that makes millions of cars – most of us can scarcely manage making one car – Ha!  Get yourself a VivaChas! print of this bewdy.  Naturally we have a print on canvas of the Roadster at the top of the article hanging on the wall here at the clubhouse.  It shows very well – if I do say so me own self!  Use it for inspiration on setting a goal to build your own rod.  Don’t be an elitist.  There are no rules!  Build it from a kit!  It’s still more work than you’ll ever see at your regular job.  Are You Up to It?  ~:0) VivaChas!

Roadster Means Rodding 37 Ford Roadster Tee w/ caption - click to order

Reg & Big Sizes 37 Ford Roadster Tee – click to order

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Roadster Means Rodding – 37 Ford Roadster Tee w/o caption – click pix to order

Roadster Means Rodding 37 Ford Roadster Tee w/o caption - click to order

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Get a Nice VivaChas Print of this 37 Ford Roadster on canvas – metal – acrylic – archival paper – – – framing options available – – – Makes a Great Gift! ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

Roadster Means Rodding In-Touch With The Road

Roadster Means Rodding In-Touch With The Road – Click Pix to Buy ~;0)

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