Ratty Pickup Where the Fun Begins

Ratty Pickup Tearing Down the Road Making Some Noise - Woot! ~:0) VivaChas!

Ratty Pickup Tearing Down the Road Making Some Noise – Woot! ~:0) VivaChas!

Ratty Pickup Where the Fun Begins – Get Ur Print Here We’ll Wait ~:0)

What does it take to get a Ratty Pickup around here? – Ha!   We got just what Ur looking for!  U want Ratty – we got Ratty!  Though this Ford Pickup is not just a rat rod – what do I mean Just!  Rat Rods are not inferior odd cousins of street rods or hot rods.  No Way!  They are the resurrected spirit of rodding if there ever was one! ~:0)

Crazed Aussie Rat Rod Burn-Out Competition

Source: ScottysGarage

A Noble Survivor

I mean look at the drama in this Ratty Pickup picture!  The thing is noble – It’s superb – it’s a survivor!  And this VivaChas pix is so HOT it’ll keep U warm through an Alaskan winter for crying out loud!  That’s what rat rods R all about!  They R the rebirth of Hot Rodding!  They are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  They bring the Heat in automotive adventures. ~:0)

1950 Ford Rat Rod pickup truck

Source: IowaUsedCars

Gawkers and Talkers

At car shows there R miles of great looking rods with impossible paint jobs and mills that cost as much as a whole car!  They R bewdies!  No doubt about it.  But what gets all the attention at cruise-ins, rod shows and on the street?  Well – to tell the truth they all get pretty close to the same nods.   But the rat rods get a bunch of gawkers and talkers.  Almost everyone wants to build a rat rod like this ratty pickup.  They sense the freedom in it.  They reckon they can afford to build one! – Ha!


Source: Chris Esson

High Dollar – Low Dollar Mills

The mills in rats run the gamut from 4-bangers, to straight-sixes, to barely rebuilt V-8s like my own rat jeep.  I’ve seen insanely huge diesels in rat rods for Lester’s sake!  Whining tubes sticking out of Cummins mills that dwarf the rod and rattle at daring speed down the tarmac.  Zoomy! ~:0)

Robbs Rat rod 1952 ford truck

Built by Insane Wayne in Dufur Oregon 

Source: robb leming


Invariably someone always asks of the ratty pickup owner – “When ya gonna finish it?” – “How come it’s so loud?” – “Aren’t U afraid to ride in it?” – – – I’m not dissing those folks.  I love ’em like brothers and that’s for sure.  What I do say to um is this – “I’ll never be finished with it – wanna buy it?” – or – “What? Can’t hear U the engine’s too loud!” – “Afraid?  What’s that?” – Ha!

Pinstriping a Rat Rod Riviera

Pinstriping a Rad Rod is the Old-School Icing on the Cake – Really How Hard Can It Be To Pinstripe a Ratty Pickup?  Riviera looks pretty cool in the video ~:0)

Source: monkeysign123

They’ll Never Take Our Freedom!!

Point is – a rat rod like this ratty pickup is all about freedom.  Making something from what might have been junk.  Making it safe – these things pass state inspection – Really!  Anyway – get out there and have an adventure.  Go cruising!  Go Rat Rodding!  Go – Go – Go! ~:0) VivaChas!

Speaking of Fun!

Rat Rod Love T-Shirt from VivaChas!

Rat Rod Love T-Shirt from VivaChas!



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Ratty Pickup post with T-Shirt sale banner

Ratty Pickup at Hot Rodney Hot Rods

Chas-Sinklier LowBrow Art

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