Nissan Navara Crew-cab Pickup

My old Nissan Navara Crew-cab Yellow Dog Pickup Remembered at one of her finer moments on the shores of a hill country lake with sun and sky just right! – But! – Before we get to the Old Yellow Dog … Continue reading

Classic Pontiac GTO 1st Generation Muscle

When I think of the Pontiac GTO this is how I picture it. Ultimately this great vid is a road cruisin’ review of a 1966 Pontiac GTO hardtop equipped with the 3x2bbl. It’s the legendary 389 “Tri-Power” V8 hooked to … Continue reading

2018 Camaro Record-Setter NÜRBURGRING

2018 Camaro Record-Setter the famous NÜRBURGRING Green-Hell track in Germany! – Video Source: Chevrolet 2018 Camaro Record! 2018 ZL1 1LE SETS RECORD AT NÜRBURGRING! Rocketing in at 7:16.04, the 2018 Chevy ZL1 1LE became the fastest of its kind to ever … Continue reading

1937 Cord Coffin Nose Speedster Concours

1937 Cord Coffin Nose Speedster Concours by VivaChas after this video of the 2017 Pebble Beach tour d’Elegance!  video source: Mel Van Dusen What is a Concours? This 1937 Cord Coffin Nose Speedster Concours on Toast is the Breakfast of Champions! … Continue reading

39 Chevy Pickup Truck Maroon’d

A great looking and running 39 Chevy Pickup Truck from VivaChas and Hot Rodney Hot Rods! ~;0) Video Source: Government Liquidation How’d this 39 Chevy Pickup Truck get itself Maroon’d? This old 39 Chevy Pickup Truck is so clean I’m pretty … Continue reading

1979 Ranchero GT 7th Generation 1977-1979

The 1979 Ranchero GT was the last year of the 7th Generation of the Ford Ranchero. Guess that goes to show – all good things come to an end. And unless Ford resurrects the marque there will be no more. … Continue reading

72 Ford Ranchero Golden Hour – 6th Generation 1972-1976

The 72 Ford Ranchero 6th Generation 1972-1976 from Chas Sinklier – VivaChas! This UTE that Ford sloganed as – The Pickup Car! It’s that blending of the Truck and the Passenger Car! This is the sixth in the seven part series … Continue reading

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Check Out VivaChas Hot Rod Stories!

The Hot Rodney Blog written by Chas Sinklier - Aka - VivaChas! The articles cover Hot Rodding News and Adventures in and around the Texas Hill Country and beyond! And always with the VivaChas point of view as commentary on the latest happenings! ~:0)

VivaChas Hot Rod Art Prints!

Hot Rodney Hot Rod Gifts by VivaChas! You can own Chas's Hot Rod Art and Photography printed on metal, printed on acrylic, printed on stretched canvas and on archival papers and framed if you choose. These are highest quality art prints made in USA and guaranteed by the top vendor in the country. Hot Rod Gifts You'll love 'em! ~:0) VivaChas!

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VivaChas! decided that rather than wear someone else's T-Shirt designs - It's better to wear your own! And not only are original designs available from the VivaChas! T-Shirt Shop - Big & Tall sizes are all over the place. There are even Hot Rod T-Shirts for the kiddies as well. You wear T-Shirts! Hot Rod Gifts - Get 'em from VivaChas! ~:0)
Hot Rodney Hot Rods - a Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Street Rod, Classic and Vintage Car and Pickup Truck blog that sells Hot Rod Art, Hot Rod T-Shirts, and other Hot Rod and Automobile related Stories and Gifts! With lots of talk, pictures and videos about Hot Rods and Rat Rods. We Drive Rods too! ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art & Hot Rod Gifts!
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