Lowbrow Lowboy Pop Surrealism

Lowbrow Lowboy Pop Surrealism Rampant on a Field of Blue ~:0) VivaChas!

Lowbrow Lowboy Pop Surrealism Rampant on a Field of Blue ~:0) VivaChas!

Lowbrow Lowboy Pop Surrealism - Buy a Print Now ~:0)

Deep inside Ive always known my art is Lowbrow.  Now “Lowbrow Lowboy Pop Surrealism” confirms the premise completely.  “What is Lowbrow art?” – U ask.  Well that is a very good question.  One that wants answering.  And one that is close to my artist’s heart. ~:0)

Over At EnvyDolls

U.K. Artist Perdita Marsh says it well in her blog -

“With certain people, especially those with pretty entrenched views of art, it’s hard to convince them that Lowbrow exists as a genre, or that it’s any kind of art movement, and Lowbrow itself could care less if an art critic can categorize it. And the movement itself isn’t easy to describe. But it surely is art since many of the most well-known “Lowbrow artists” are masters – their artistic skill can hardly be in doubt, whatever you think of the subject matter. As for the subject matter… Lowbrow is fairly easy to spot when you encounter it, you just have to ask yourself does it do any of the following:

Is it trying to be genuinely serious?

Lowbrow art has a sense of humour.

Is it trying hard to sell itself as one thing or another, or just ‘being itself’? Because Lowbrow generally doesn’t care about its reputation;…

It’s not always easy to find someone who knows what Lowbrow is, or where its boundaries begin and end… and it’s not always easy to explain to anyone what it’s all about, either… and perhaps that’s a good thing.” …More at ENVYDOLLS: What is Lowbrow Art?

Lowbrow Artist Perdita Marsh illustrates Top Lowbrow Art with this pix - courtesy Envydolls

Lowbrow Artist Perdita Marsh illustrates Top Lowbrow Art with this pix – courtesy Envydolls

School’s Out!

Simply said – Lowbrow Art (sometimes referred to as pop surrealism) is based in the fields of artistic endeavor outside the mainstream schools of academic arts.  It is so b/c most Lowbrow Artists are self-taught.  And they are beyond the reach of art commentaries and critics.  This VivaChas! pix – Lowbrow Lowboy is a good example.  It’s roots are in several disciplines – illustration – comix (comic books) – sign-painters and any number of other commercial art crafts. ~:0)

Hat Hanging

Some say the concept for pop surrealism started up out in L.A. Cali.  Could be.  All I know is that wherever I’ve hung me hat there’s been plenty of Lowbrow to go around.  Labels – billboards – illustrated novels – graffiti – underground magazines have all contributed to the lowbrow that has produced Lowbrow Lowboy from VivaChas!

Book on Lowbrow I Like

“Weirdo Deluxe The Wild World of Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow Art

Lowbrow art is an underground or street visual art culture such as tattoo, comic and punk music. It’s not a big label of Art world but the most of average people do recognize it. The Lowbrow Art movement started in Los Angeles, California in the late 1970s. There’s few artists who participated within the movement, and the most notable pioneer artist for the Lowbrow Art is Robert Williams. He created the original album cover of Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite for Destruction.” “He was also responsible for the creation of the art magazine, Juxtapox, which focuses on events, art pieces, and opinions of the artists involved within the Lowbrow art movement. (Bogdan, 2012).”…More at Weirdo Deluxe The Wild World of Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow Art

Public Domain image courtesy of Mike Mitchell; used with permission

Public Domain image courtesy of Mike Mitchell; used with permission

So Many T-Shirts – So Little Time

The T-shirt line from VivaChas! is a great example of lowbrow.  There’s even a series of Lowbrow Lowboy Tees and there promises to be more.  BTW – VivaChas! Tees are available at both the VivaChas.com and hotrodneyhotrods.com sites.  We even have a new vendor for our T-shirts that allows us to use an even better shirt and offer them at a lower price.  Right now VivaChas! T-Shirts like Lowbrow Lowboy are the same low price for both regular as well as big & tall sizes.  They go for about $22 USD and that’s 5-10 bucks less that other vendors we’ve used.  So here’s Ur chance at some serious sale price savings!  – - – But as usual – I digress – Ha!

So Where Was I?

So what was it I was blathering on about?  Yes!  Lowbrow art – how crass of me to drag in selling T-shirts whilst discussing art – Double Plus Ha!!

Point is – I love Lowbrow.  Always done Lowbrow.  Guess maybe I am Lowbrow – and that probably goes for Olewhatshername as well.  Though I learned long yonks back never to assume anything about her. ~:0)  Anyway – we got lowbrow lowboy hot rod prints and Tees – what more could U want?  U gotta wear t-shirts.  U gotta put stuff on Ur unwashed walls!  What R U waiting for?  Buy ‘um!  ~:0) VivaChas!

 Lowbrow Lowboy at Hot Rodney Hot Rods & VivaChas!

VivaChas! T-Shirts – Take a look! ~:0)

Chas-Sinklier Lowbrow Art

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