Hot Rod Lawn Mower

Hot Rod Lawn Mower driven by The Stig!

Stig’s 130mph hot rod lawn mower – Top Gear Magazine

So there’s a Top Gear Magazine now. And the mag’s talking ’bout a hot rod Lawn mower! Man am I behind the times. Not sure how the mag can be nearly as entertaining as the TV Series! But I’ve been wrong b/4. Specially when I’ve neither seen or read the mag. I’ll have to have a look at it ~:0) I’ll quote what Top Gear has to say –
“As part of BBC Top Gear Magazine’s Speed Week issue, we took along Honda’s 130mph lawnmower to be driven in anger for the very first time by Groundskeeper Stiggie. Trust us, until you’ve seen a fearless man in white cresting the ton down the pit straight in a small ride-on mower before — without braking — taking a ‘shortcut’ over several acres of French grass, you’ve not truly lived.”

Honda Building 130 MPH Hot Rod Lawn Mower

When it comes to building a hot rod lawn mower the first name that jumps to mind is not Honda. But it makes a lot of sense I suppose. While Honda’s not so much for hot rodding they are into “Tuning” and “Tuners”! So there’s the connection! – “Honda engineers are working to build the world’s fastest lawn mower. They want it to be capable of operating at 130 miles per hour.”

Home Built Hot Rod Lawn Mower – Crazy Fun!

130hp lawn mower is more like I imagine a hot rod lawn mower to be ~:0) Home-built but nicely done. Though there could be and certainly are rat rod lawn mowers. We’ll show U one or two in a mo! But let’s watch this thing go!

Long lawn mower wheelie

When it comes to hot rod lawn mower tech I’m guessing the long lawn mower wheelie is the big Kahuna when it come to building. Being based on tractors – lawn tractors are a natural for wheelie action – if U’ve ever driven one U know what I mean! – Ha!

Cub Cadet V8 Trophy.Winner a Real Hot Rod Lawn Mower

Talk about a hot rod lawn mower! Paul Jones has done the job right! He’s installed a V8 in his and won a trophy for it. Read this quote –
“Paul Jones dropped an alcohol-fuel Ford 351 Cleveland V8 running 15:1 CR into his Cub Cadet riding mower. And why not? It fits, doesn’t it? Built for pulling contests, but also handy when you need the lawn done and you don’t have a lot of time. Just listen to that thing bark. Recorded at the Genesee Valley Antique Auto Club show on Aug 1, 2010 on the grounds of the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology.”

Okay! So there U have it! Crazy – Funny – Stuff U never dreamed of doing with a lawn mower! Or maybe U have dreamed of making a hot rod lawn mower! In any case – Go For It! Great Sport! ~:0) Viva!  Hey!  While Ur thinking of it go get Urself a Cool T-Shirt from VivaChas! ~:0)

Hot Rod Lawn Mower from yonks back still very cool ride ~:0) VivaChas!

Hot Rod Lawn Mower from yonks back still very cool ride ~:0) VivaChas!

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