Ken Block Real King of the Road

By Hoonigan Racing Division - This file has been extracted from another file: Block, Solberg & Bakkerud 2016-04-12 001.jpg, CC BY 3.0,

Ken Block the Real King of the Road in Gymkhana NINE! – Video Source:  TheHoonigans Ken Block Head Hoonigan In Charge! Yeah Ken is Head Hoonigan In Charge at his auto-enthusiast clothing company, Hoonigan Industries! – Ken Block, HHIC by day and Super-Man by night! – Or whenever duty calls! And vice-versa! His video like … Continue reading

Ebola What You Need to Do to Survive BEFORE the Panic Starts

Image Source: Freedom Outpost Mac Slavo August 7, 2014 What You Need to Do to Survive Ebola BEFORE the Panic Starts The Ebola virus is spreading and no one in any position of authority is releasing information to the public about how serious of a contagion this is. It was just a few weeks … Continue reading

How Safe is a Smart Car and How You Can Hot Rod Yours!

Video Proof Exposing the Smart Car as a Safe Drag Racing Street Rod - Sort of ~:0) VivaChas!

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Smart Car – How Safe is It and Is it a Potential Hot Rod? Smart Car – Yeah this pix is from m’ first post over at the Hot Rodney Hot Rods website.  I’ve been working on the Hot Rodney Hot Rods and VivaChas! site for awhile now.  Some associates convinced … Continue reading

Facebook Manners for Lowbrows, Rock-a-Billies and Rodders

Facebook Manners is all about a Lucky Lady and her Friends ~:0) VivaChas!

I mean really! Facebook Manners – Don’t they teach this stuff in the High schools any more? We had to sit through this stuff in hygiene class – usually during the hot summer back home. Air Conditioning was the guy they would call a nerd today – when coach was … Continue reading

Hot Rod Lawn Mower

Hot Rod Lawn Mower from yonks back still very cool ride ~:0) VivaChas!

Hot Rod Lawn Mower driven by The Stig! Stig’s 130mph hot rod lawn mower – Top Gear Magazine So there’s a Top Gear Magazine now. And the mag’s talking ’bout a hot rod Lawn mower! Man am I behind the times. Not sure how the mag can be nearly as … Continue reading

Nail – Big Bang Theory Evolution Creationism – Funny

Not About the Nail - What? Me Worry? Alfred E. Newman public domain pix ~:0)

The Nail! Not the Nail!  This Video is at once – oh so true – and – not about the nail at all! Those who have found themselves in the company of a woman who just wants to express her feelings can identify with this brilliant Video. True – men … Continue reading

Nicolas Cage China Commercial – Rare Star Trek Commercials Past – New Star Trek Bloopers

A Shatner Moment from the First Episode of the Star Trek Franchise ~:0)

NICOLAS CAGE and the Delightful Chinese Car Chase Commercial I’m confused! Not unusual in these parts. Nicolas Cage is in a desperate car chase in China. Cheats Death! Gets cornered! Trapped – he faces his pursuers! Whom he meets graciously and goes to meet more nice folks. Apparently he’s hard … Continue reading

Flying Ferrari – VW Rat Rods – Low Riders – RockaBilly

Flying Ferrari - VW Rat Rods - Low Riders - RockaBilly Nowhere else!

The flying Ferrari Puts me in mind of that song from Disney’s movie Dumbo when the crows are singing about seeing an elephant fly. It was a great moment in video. Sort of like Shakespeare crossing the Rubicon – Ha! But now I’ve seen a flying Ferrari and I can’t … Continue reading

Ford Cop Car Thrash – Camaro 200 mph – Draguar – Fire & Loud Noises – Nitrous Cuda

Ford Cop Car Thrash - Camaro 200 mph - Draguar - Fire & Loud Noises - Nitrous Cuda

When a Ford Cop Car Gets Thrashed and a Camaro darts down the Texas Mile close to 200 Miles-Per-Hour U know there’s fun in the Spring air. Add to that building a blown Jaguar drag racer in a parking lot. Sprinkle in Fire and very loud noised while U crack … Continue reading

Rat Rod Jeep Death-Wish Trip

Rat Rod Jeep - no it's a 1936 Chevy Rat Rod Pickup

There is flat out nothing as cool as a rat rod jeep. Unless of course it’s any other kind of classic rat rod. Fab patina of fine rust on the surface or flat black or even deeply worn original paint – we love ’em all! This is stuff U need … Continue reading