Hot Wheels Camaro Poster from VivaChas

Hot Wheels Camaro – Most Popular T-Shirt at VivaChas! The print does well too – BUT – What’s that mean 4 U? Believe Me – U could use the Upgrade in Cool! Both in the House and on Ur Back! Go Get Some! Click the Pix ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas!

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas!

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas!

Hot Wheels has long been the major way a kid could own the rod of his – or her – dreams. When that kid grows up what can he look forward to when it comes to Hot Wheels? How About a Full Grown Hot Wheels Camaro! If U’ve the bread – Chevy’s got Ur ride! If U don’t got the Redbacks or Greenbacks VivaChas has got U covered. Introducing the Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas here at Hot Rodney Hot Rods! Woot! Click on the T-Shirt Pix to go get Ur Hot Wheels Tee !  If U want a Tall Size T-Shirt there’s a Pix for that at the bottom of the Post! ~:0)

Hot Wheels Camaro T-Shirt from VivaChas!

Hot Wheels Camaro T-Shirt from VivaChas!

1968 Hot Wheels Commercials – Collecting Hot Wheels

For those of U who’ve been living under a rock or are astrophysicists here’s a quick video made up of a couple of Hot Wheels Camaro type toy cars from back-in-the-day. That should bring U up to speed – pun intended of course ~:0) Video Source: Cok İlginç Şeyler

Life Size Hot Wheels Camaro First Look Commercial

And now for the other end of the spectrum – Here’s a quick look at the Hot Wheels Camaro from Chevy. “The dream of millions of Hot Wheels fans is coming to life, when a full-size, production Hot Wheels edition Camaro will arrive at Chevrolet dealerships next spring. It is the first time Hot Wheels has offered a full-size, production car available for purchase. Blister packaging and orange race track not included!” Source: CARJAM TV

2010-2013 Hot Wheels Camaro Fender Emblems

And – if U’ve got a Camaro and would like to make it more resemble the Hot Wheels Camaro Edition from Chevrolet – we’ve found a less expensive way for U to sooth that ravaged ego for lots less money. Found this bit over at Sibanyok Blog. “GM offer the best 2010-2013 Camaro Hot Wheels LH & RH Fender Emblems; Red & Chrome OEM GM Badges. This awesome product currently in stocks, you can get this now for only $109.99.” Source: Sibanyok

“Flying Car”: Performance Traction Management — 2014 Camaro Z28

The Hot Wheels Camaro is a cool street racer or cruiser no doubt. But for the serious road racer here’s another Camaro recently introduced that will get Ur ol’ heart pounding! “One of the sophisticated features that help the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 deliver faster laps on the race track is dubbed the “flying car” logic by engineers.” Source: Chevrolet

2014 Camaro Z/28 vs. Mustang Boss 302

“Lightweight, nimble and incredibly powerful, the original Camaro Z/28 was designed for road racing. The 2014 Z/28 carries that same spirit, with every detail engineered specifically to create the ultimate track-capable Camaro. Watch as it goes head-to-head with the Mustang Boss 302 on GM’s high-security MRC road course in Milford, MI.” Source: Chevrolet

Muscle Car Made in the USA

Now in keeping with our theme orbiting the Hot Wheels Camaro Poster from VivaChas here’s a test drive video that’ll put a smile on that face ~:0) “Is there anything more American than a muscle car?! Nothing can top the 2013 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition. See and hear it in this review by Kevin Gordon for USA Love List.” Source: USAlovelist


“Stop!! Look right here at this SPECIAL EDITION HOT WHEELS CAMARO!! This big boy toy has a monster 6.2 V8 with a 6-speed automatic transmission for pedal smashing fun all year long. This car has heated leather seating and was produced for a limited time and will be a collector’s edition for years to come. Music “Ring of Fire” Social Distortion-no copyright infringement intended.” Source: Cheap Chevrolet

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – Jay Leno’s Garage

I like Jay Leno’s easy going style. I can imagine him as a child playing with Hot Wheels and carrying that joy into adulthood with his impressive – all grown up collection. Don’t know if he has a Hot Wheels Camaro, but he is the first to introduce the new Z28. “Nimble, incredibly powerful and ready to rip up the track, the long-awaited Z28 is at the garage, and Jay is the first person outside GM to give it a test drive!” Source: JayLenosGarage


Hot Wheels Camaro Tall Sizes - Click to Shop!

Hot Wheels Camaro Tall Sizes – Click to Shop!

 Speaking of Doing Stuff that’s Cool to Help the Economy!

Get your VivaChas! T-Shirt at the VivaChas! Tee Shop – – You wear clothes right!  While building your own rod like our Hot Wheels Camaro Poster Print –  get your T-Shirts from VivaChas! Lots of Designs! Makes perfect sense to me ~:0)  And Remember Big and Tall Sizes are the rule – we have Regular Sizes too ~:0)


 Get a nice Print of Today’s Featured Hot Rod – Click the Pix ~:0) VivaChas!

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas!

Hot Wheels Camaro Poster and T-Shirt from VivaChas!

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