Viva Chas Tees and Hot Rod T-Shirts

VivaChas T-Shirts! Made Specially for You! ~;0)


How VivaChas feels about T-Shirts – They can be funny! They can be Sad! – But – My fave T-Shirts tell a story!

T-Shirts Rule at VivaChas!

T-Shirts! Ol’ VivaChas wears Tees all the time.  Even Wears ’em under Tuxedo shirts when ol’ JuJu-Juni makes him dress up.  “Sitting around the clubhouse or playing pool in the game room wearing a Tux seems a bit much, but the VivaChas Tee underneath makes it all okay.”  U want to look Ur best at car shows.  U want to be reminded of Ur rod building goals.  U want others to know U R Cool.  It’s a No-Brainer!  Get Ur VivaChas Tees Today! – Ha! ~:0)

T-Shirts Everywhere at VivaChas and Hot Rodney Hot Rods!

Just about every VivaChas Hot Rod Story has its own set of Tees designed to complement the Featured Hot Rod Art used at the top of the story! – If you’ve not read Chas’ Stories – You Should! – And – Watch the videos!! – – – It’s a complete package! – Reading! – Watching! – Experiencing the Unique minds of VivaChas – Hot Rod Artist – and The Internationally Recognized Opinionist – JuJuni on their adventures in the Rodding World! – – – The Stories are sometimes educational! – They’re sometimes Completely Mad! – But – One Thing’s Sure! – They All Smack of the Skewed Point of View of Two of the Oddest Characters You’re Likely See In Automotive Story-Telling This Fine Day! – Haaaz!! – So Cinch-Up Your Britches – Pull On Your VivaChas Tee and Go For It!!! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Stories and Gifts!!!

VivaChas and The Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJuni in their very own Music Video. Share their Adventures Cruising this great land! And don’t be frightened! Things always work out okay! Have Fun with our T-Shirts and this Valentine’s Day Special Video from our friends at JibJab! And it’s staring Chas and JuJu as themselves! – Have a Laugh on us. And Buy VivaChas Prints, Products and Tees!! ~;0) VivaChas!

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