Hot Rod Pinup Happiness is a Warm Sun

Yeh Hot Rod Pinup Happiness is a Warm Sun. It’s the latest hot rod pinup from Chas Sinklier aka VivaChas! It’s the kind of gift your Hot Rodder will love. Get it on archival paper with a black matte and nice black frame. It will look great in the game room, office or man cave. It’s for those who like to have nice things around them. It’s a real conversation starter. Get your durable print of this delicate watercolour from VivaChas today! You’ll be glad to have it at this low price before the increase. You can have a unique quality gift! ~;0) VivaChas!

Hot Rod Pinup Happiness is a Warm Sun - Click the image to shop for yours

Hot Rod Pinup Happiness is a Warm Sun – Click the image to shop for yours

What Else? Hot Rod Pinup Happiness is a Warm Sun!

The Hot Rod Pinup Happiness is a Warm Sun is so much more than its inspiration. It’s an obvious swipe from the Beatles, Happiness is a Warm Gun. That tune was an anti-war ditty from the sixties I think – from the Beatles Eponymous Album (aka the White Album). Let’s give a listen to this classic from the Fab Four. See what you think.  Video Source:  AndyBoy 63

Hot Rod Pinup Happiness has a History!

It’s true Hot Rod Pinups have a long history. Hot Rodders over yonks looking back have been men. And the women who hung with them likely for their oily mystique. Not to mention their powerful rides. Let’s take that point of view as we explore. What are we looking for? Ultimately, a link between the – Then – and – Now! This clip from Rebel Without a Cause gave us James Dean at his most brooding. And yet his sensitivity and angst is Hot Rod Pinup Happiness spilling over with life and death struggle. What do you think about it?   Video Source:  4jamesdean

Hot Rod Pinup Happiness - Tee Too Cute to be a Cheerleader so I play softball - click to get yours!

Hot Rod Pinup Happiness – Tee – Too Cute to be a Cheerleader so I play softball – click to get yours!

Hmm – Warner Brothers Movie Makers

Yeh – the owners of Rebel without a cause may have blocked the clip from the movie. So much for the Fair Use Doctrine! That’s Okay! After all, it’s their movie. Letting us share a clip from it might have garnered some video rentals or even purchases of the flick. We put it up. They take it down. They have powerful attorneys. We have none. Nor do we have deep pockets! Anyway, we have other videos to share in our story. ~;0)

Hot Rod Pinup Happiness at Hot Rod Riot 2016

Here’s some Hot Rod Pinup Happiness at one of the best underground venues! It’s Hot Rod Riot 2016! It’s the masterful work of the great Javier Padron our Video Source. If you’re out Victoria, Texas way and the time is right – be sure to give it a go! The Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJuni says, “It’s the Best!” – Thanks Javier for the loan of the video!

Rust-O-Rama 2017 Rat Rods, Classic Cars, Pin Ups, Rockabilly Bands: Salem Oregon

The old Rust-O-Rama in Salem, Oregon is typical of the Best of Rod Shows featuring PinUp contests. Hot Rod Riot and B-O-R learned they boost attendance by including the pinup segment of rodding adventure. Women have always been supportive of hot rodding and been rodders themselves from the beginning! – Enjoy the video!  Video Source:  BossaNova Life

Happiness is a Warm Gun – Across the Universe HD

I find the statement made in the motion picture – Across the Universe – to be stronger than the original by the Fab-Four. Could be that it uses high-production value video to tug at our heart strings. Rather that than the rebellious tone of the sixties. Watch this video and let me know what you think about it. There’s a comment box below today’s post.  Video Source:  Samuel De Leon

Well there we have it for today here at Hot Rodney Hot Rods! Be sure to give us your slant on our  Happiness is a Warm Gun videos in today’s post. And – if you subscribe to the VivaChas Newsletter you’ll never miss an article.  Additionally we really want your opinion about VivaChas featuring more hot rod pinups.  Is that something you want here? Let us know in the comment box below!

Until next time – Keep Shiny and Cruise On! It’s a Hot Rod Tradition!  ~;0) VivaChas!

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