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I had planned to send this notice of the car show meeting on Monday, but realized that it is a formality as the same few pretty much come and know of the meeting.  One of the members took the minutes of our regular meeting Sunday, and thanks Jan, which are an attachment to this message that you might want to read.

One member thinks that by my mentioning in the e-mail as a reminder for the meeting that members could sign up to help with the show at the Sunday meeting and that may have been a reason why many did not attend because they did not want to be pressured to work the show.  If there is any truth to that I will not apologize as there was no gun to hold to anyone’s head (although I do carry a concealed gun license!).   If that did scare anyone away then I feel really bad for you.

We do have over 100% of our sponsors needed for the show, most of the details lined out and many door prizes in hand as well as bag stuffers.  I did repair the sponsor list and send it out in case anyone that has done nothing for the show felt they could at least ask some business they frequent for a door prize or stuffers and not one member has sent me message saying they were going to try.

I will say that the time may be coming very soon when we need to make some decisions as a club.  One would be do we shut it down or try to keep it going.  One would be do we just forget the many years of raising all the many thousand dollars for the youth of the area for scholarships and yet keep the club going.  The problem is that the old 80/20 rule lately is about an 90/10 rule to be honest as far as participation.  If we want to raise any funds and stay a club we must regain our 501 C3 IRS status that was lost through pure negligence.  That said, to get that reissued will cost some of us members probably around 20 hours of work back and forth with the IRS plus some CPA fees.  To have the CPA to take on this task would cost several thousand dollars and no matter who does it we are looking at a year to finish it.

We will pull off the show somehow which may entail talking some non members to help and even may entail hiring some laborers with club money.  I hate to be the bearer of this information, but all the above has been considered by the ones of us that have kept the club going the past few years and are literally worn out.  I would welcome your thoughts which can be sent to me by e-mail or to the club mailbox.

The car show committee as it is does meet tomorrow again at Herb’s home at 7 pm for what it is worth and we do have great things to actually report.


Robert Kluting

’14 President again


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