Scholarship Committee Meeting 2014

Public Domain Image courtesy

Public Domain Image courtesy


Many thanks to Bob & Carol Nichols for setting up a meeting place at Rio Robles for last evening’s Scholarship Committee meeting.  They served on the committee along with Janie Neunhoffer, Jan Platts and myself.   We spent nearly two hours going over 22 applications, 15 from TIvy and 7 from Ingram High School.  We scored each one and quickly agreed on the winners, one from Ingram (going to Automotive Tech School) and three college bound from Tivy.  All awards were heavily based on need as well as having some work history, etc.  Each scholarship will be in the amount of $1,000 per the voting at a club meeting a bit back which is exactly what we have done in past years.

The Car Show Planning committee has met a few times and meet again next Wednesday, May7th at 7pm so mark your calendars and try to make the meeting.  We need right now mostly ideas and opinions on the details of the show, workers to be scheduled later.  You would be surprised how much help a few more folks are at these meetings and just because you help plan does not lock you into working all that day.  Yes, we will need workers, but right now just being part of the committee would be immense help.  I will send notice early next week on our meeting place.

We are ordering the Tee Shirts and flyers since we have the two main sponsors money and commitment as well as the band playing that day, the same one from last year.  By the way, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11th so we will not meet until May 18th and notice will be given.  We plan to meet in Kerrville, so send me your wishes on the place to meet.

Robert Kluting – HCAC president

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