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More About The Hill Country Auto Club

We’re a group of individuals dedicated to the enrichment of our community through the education and preservation of historical motorized conveyances.  We get together to discuss our latest projects – eat and drink a bit – and share tall tales – mostly related to our awesome rides!

38 Plymouth Ad – Courtesy Old Car Advertising dot com

38 Plymouth Ad – Courtesy Old Car Advertising dot com

And Then There’s The Cruises!

What we like to do is get a convoy together to tour Texas Hill Country back roads.  These roads lead through our beautiful South Texas Countryside.  We usually end with a visit to one of the many historical sites or towns we have here in abundance.  That’s the point in the trip when we eat the local faire – drink the local beverages – shop the local shops – and generally do our bit to be merry.

Here’s How It All Began!

During one of these past get-together’s an idea started to form.  It was a good one too!  It was the birth of the first – Hill Country Auto Club Open Car Show!!  It was “4th of July 1998″.  The profits from the show were used to give scholarships to the local area high school seniors.  Tivy High School received the first scholarships awarded in 2000.  Two of Tivy’s senior young ladies, who were graduating and had been accepted by the college of their choice, were the recipients of these first scholarships.

1959 Ford Thunderbird Ad courtesy Old Car Advertising dot com

1959 Ford Thunderbird Ad courtesy Old Car Advertising dot com

It Keeps On Going!

The scholarship committee at the Hill Country Automobile Club, Inc. is in charge of determining the number and amount of scholarships available each year.  They then bring a recommendation to the club at a general membership meeting for approval.

It Keeps On Giving

Once the number of college scholarships is determined, the Scholarship Committee starts screening the applications from graduating seniors in the local high schools.  Each application is given an ID number and the applicant’s name and address is removed for  anonymity.  The award is then decided by a majority vote.

We Love Cars!

As the club has grown more events have been planned.  The caravan tours – or Cruises – to local area attractions and restaurants make a fun event for members and guests.  The general membership business meeting is scheduled each month to coincide with one of these cruises.

Old and New

The love of their automobile brings club members together for enjoyment – entertainment – education – and contributing to our local communities through our passion for the automobile.  Some of the cars owned by members are vintage.  Others are New Blood rides – contemporary cars of fun and merit!

Club Events

Some of the events are “History of Wheels”  –  “Show & Shines”  –  Fall Festivals  –  Hospice Awards  –  Store Openings  –  Community Celebrations  –  And More!  Donations from any of our educational activities also go into the scholarship fund.  Some of the most popular events are the “Car Shows”.  There is usually at least one Show in the surrounding area each month.  Everyone loves to show off their car.  What better way than to “go to a Car Show”!  Wonder why this sort of event is so popular?  Think about how you would feel if they called your name for that trophy in your car class?

1969 Plymouth Ad Courtesy Old Car Advertising dot com

1969 Plymouth Ad Courtesy Old Car Advertising dot com

But Wait! – There’s More!

Along this same line is Classic Crus’n.   There’s a big revival amongst Classic car owners to have an excuse to take the rig out for a ride.   With the increase in gasoline and  travel expenses Crus’n has become a great alternative to longer road trips.  We’ll cruise to a known location – pull out the picnic baskets and enjoy a great evening chewing the fat with other car owners.  Another benefit is the spectators that walk among the cars and Ooo and Ahh over them.   Makes you feel good to have the great questions and interest shown.  It’s like we used to do back-in-the-day when these cars were new.  For some it was high school days.  For others it might have be college  when drivers and passengers were “Crus’n the Boulevard” or “Crus’n In at the Local Hang-Out”.

Just One Thing

Basically, it all comes down to one thing – Havin’ fun with Family – Friends – And maybe even the Neighbors – – – all the while giving back to the local community.  Anyone and Everyone  is cordially invited to attend our Club Events, Shows, General Membership Meetings or Tours.

Any questions please be sure to ask.  Our club officers email addresses are located on the “Contact Us” page.  – HCAC


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