October 2014 HCAC Meeting Location


The club wanted to have our monthly meeting at our Cypress Springs Estates river park so we are.  A family had the party house and pavilion reserved from 11 am to 4 pm so we must honor that.  I  made a call or two and we agreed to do something different and have a early dinner meeting at 5 pm due to the circumstances instead of a late lunch meeting.  See attached map to the park.

We will bring fried chicken of several types so club members need to bring a pot luck side dish or dessert, probably heavy on side dishes.  We will have water  in bottles, tea, cups and ice.  If you want a cola please bring it as we have no idea of what all types to bring.  We will have the plates silverware and napkins, etc as well.

Please make an effort to come and see how this works as we are ordering chicken for plus/minus 20  folks.  One discussion item will be about furnishing cars to haul veterans in for the Veteran’s Day parade to be held November 18th, starting time of 5 pm, line up about 4 pm.  We will have more information on where to stage, but probably at B.T. Wilson school.

See you at the park, drive your cars!


Oct 2014 HCAC Meeting Map

Oct 2014 HCAC Meeting Map

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