March 9, 2014

Link to Downloadable PDF of March 9 2014 HCAC Minutes

Hill Country Automobile Club, Inc.

Sunday – March 9, 2014

Meeting Minutes

1) The meeting was called to order by President Robert

Kluting at 2:15 PM. Robert club President led us in prayer to open

the meeting. The meeting was held at PoPo’s Restaurant in

Welfare, Texas and Robert welcomed members and guests to the


2) A total of 12 members, two guest and one new member

were present ~:0) Mark Kluting paid dues 3/9/14 our newest


3) Birthdays: Chas Sinklier had a March Birthday – there was

an Anniversary of 64 but the secretary missed who that was but

the date was Feb. 21st.

4) Treasurer’s Report: Ed Jackson HCAC Treasurer was not

in attendance so there was no treasurer’s report as such.

5) Old Business: The next Scholarship Committee Meeting

was finalized was set for Scholarship Meeting 1st week of April.

The date for the 2014 car show was set for July 5th and the first

Car Show Committee meeting was set for 3/19 at 7pm at Herb

Gerken’s ~:0)

6) New Business: Next meeting was set for April 13th at 312

W Main St, Fredericksburg, Texas. Chas Sinklier suggested using a

form of telecommunication for the meeting so distant members

could attend via computer and the InterWeb. The new club

website URL is

7) 50-50 Drawing: Was not held this meeting b/c of the madness

of the restaurant.

8) Next Meeting: Will be April 13, 2014. The location will be

confirmed via email.

9) Motion to Adjourn: The motion was made and seconded to the

meeting ended at 3:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted, JuJu Sinklier, HCAC Secretary

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