January 12, 2014 HCAC Meeting Minutes

Hill Country Automobile Club, Inc.

Sunday – January 12, 2014

Meeting Minutes – January 12 2014 Minutes PDF

1)     The meeting was called to order by President Robert Kluting at 2:15 PM.  Robert led us in prayer to open the meeting.  Robert wished all a Happy New Year and welcomed members and guests to the meeting at Bricks Restaurant in Bandera, Texas.

2)     A total of 22 members and three guests were present.  We were pleased to have Mark Kluting, Robert Kluting’s brother with us along with two of his family members.

3)     Birthdays:  Marty has a birthday this month.   Robert & wife celebrated his 44th anniversary – Our New Secretary JuJu Sinklier apologizes for the rather annotated minutes – It’s her first meeting as club secretary and she’s still learning the ropes – and names ~:0)

4)     Treasurer’s Report:  Afraid the secretary missed Ed’s announcement for this month – the following is from the December meeting – – – Ed Jackson announced the present checking account balance is $1288.00 and the balance for the savings account is $9619.08

5)     Old Business:  Members were reminded that Club dues are due followed by a flurry of payments thereof.  Mel & Jo Anne Heck paid their dues ~:0)

6)     New Business:  HCAC is having a drive for new members.  Robert – new club pres. suggested we all bring along friends and neighbors to meeting in an effort to grow membership.  Scholarship information was acknowledged as shared with local High-schools.  Members considered dates for this year’s car show.  And the creation of committees for scholarships and this year’s show was addressed.

7)   50-50 Drawing:  Afraid JuJu missed the winner and amount of the drawing ~:0)

8)   Next Meeting:  Will be February 9, 2014.  The location will be at The Apple Store in Medina, Texas and it will be confirmed via email.

9)   Motion to Adjourn:  The motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 3:15 PM at which point Chas Sinklier new HCAC Vice Pres announced there would be a sack race immediately following the meal.  No one showed for the race.

Respectfully submitted,

JuJu Sinklier, HCAC Secretary

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