HCAC Car Show Again Successful

Yellow Mustang at HCAC Car Show displaying engine - Guess the Battery's Dead ~:0)

Yellow Mustang at HCAC Car Show displaying engine – Guess the Battery’s Dead ~:0)


Thanks to a yeoman’s level of work by several of our club members, we pulled off another successful show.  In fact, all things considered including a new and very successful set of judges lead by our own Steve Ellis who were very fair and efficient!  Ed is working on our bottom line, but it will be very good.

Kudos and thanks to:

Joanna Gerken, 11 year old granddaughter of Herb and Mary Lyn, for working so hard now for several years!

Mary Lyn for her working wherever needed at the show.

Herb and Mary Lyn Gerken for furnishing their home many times for the planning meeting.

Herb for being our own version of “Casey Casem” and another great day of announcing and arranging.

Dave & Barbara Staggs, Missy Berry and Jody Ellis for the “inside cool (Air conditioned) job” of running the computer.

Jan Platts for jumping in and helping the president in his time of need for weeks in handling the registration system.

Wes Platts for helping in several areas including arranging the Masonic Lodge and helping us stuff bags.

June Sher and Martie Kluting for working with Jan at the show registration booth which is quite a stressful job.

June Sher for doing the work of two at bag stuffing as Gary was down at the coast working.

Ed and Elaine Jackson for all of Ed’s handling of our money and both working during the show in the heat plus bag stuffing.

Barbara Walker for helping run our sales booth along with others.

Missy Berry for helping stuff bags after her church music practice.

Chas Sinklier for keeping up our web site and doing some quick updates for the show.

John & Eileen Penz for being a team that helped in so many ways, donating a model car, donating magazines, gathering sponsors and door prizes that really set a high standard for all of us.  Keep prayers for John’s health issues!

Steve and Mark Kluting for walking for hours at the show selling 50/50 tickets, then coming back and hauling the trash off.

Steve Kluting’s brother-in-law David and friend Mike for helping with those two projects as well.

For all of you that helped raise the sponsor money, door prizes and bag stuffers.

A bit of irony, let us learn how to serve by watching 11 year old Joanna Gerken and 83 year old John Penz.  If we can now come up with an excuse for not helping with our club’s fundraiser, please let me know as I choose to follow their example!

If I missed anyone please accept my apologies,

Financial report to follow by e-mail once finalized,


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