February 9, 2014 HCAC Meeting Minutes

Hill Country Automobile Club, Inc.

Sunday – February 9, 2014

Meeting Minutes – February 9 2014 HCAC Minutes PDF

1)     The meeting was called to order by President Robert Kluting at 2:24 PM.  Chas Sinklier club V.P. led us in prayer to open the meeting.  Robert Kluting club Pres outstanding weather for our meeting held outdoors at the Apple Store in Medina, Texas and welcomed members and guests to the meeting.

2)     A total of 26 members were present under the trees ~:0)  Eileen and Joh Penz paid dues 2/9/14

3)     Birthdays:  No Birthdays or Anniversaries were addressed.

4)     Treasurer’s Report:  Ed Jackson HCAC Treasurer announced club savings at $10,278 and Checking Balance at $231.44

5)     Old Business:  Scholarship Committee Members were needed – a date was set for Scholarship Meeting 1st week of April.  Dues payable now of $25 for singles and $30 for couples – for 2014.  The drive for new members was addressed.  The date for the 2014 car show was set for July 5th and the first Car Show Committee meeting was set for 2/26 at 7pm at Herb L’s (last name unreadable in secretary’s notes ~:0)

6)     New Business:  Next meeting was set for March 8th with no location recorded at this time.  Chas and JuJu Sinklier suggested that a club directory be created with photos to facilitate learning member names and it is being considered for the next meeting. Dave Staggs asked Chas for an update on the new club website – Chas Sinklier is also the Webmaster for the HCAC website.  Chas confirmed that the new site was going live the next day and that the account with Homestead was to be cancelled .  The new club website URL is www.HillCountryAutoClub.com

7)   50-50 Drawing:  Donna Kluting was the winner but turned it down b/c she had won at the last meeting.

8)   Next Meeting:  Will be March 8, 2014.  The location will be confirmed via email.

9)   Motion to Adjourn:  The motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 3:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

JuJu Sinklier, HCAC Secretary

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