Christmas Party!

Santa Rod Copyrighted Image courtesy VivaChas! at

Santa Rod Copyrighted Image courtesy VivaChas! at


We had a good and fun meeting in Medina last Sunday and sorry if you missed it.  I need all of you to respond to me as soon as you can with regard to coming to the Christmas party that will be in Bella Vita on Sunday, December 7th at 3 pm.  The reason for the time is again, so all can get out of church and have a break before the meeting.  Also, Bella Vita serves lunch and dinner that day so we need to be in between.

If my memory serves me, in the past members would rather have it a little earlier so as not to be getting finished at night so I hope you are all okay with this.  We will have a choice of using the private party room if we have 40 or less coming and in that case we could change the time to 5 pm. Otherwise we will share one of the two large dining rooms, but be seated in a common area so we can have a brief meeting while there.  Remember also that our tradition is to bring one gift for a boy or girl, unwrapped and at a $10 minimum to be given out by the Salvation Army to needy children.

The menu is your choice of three items and I need to know your choice when you reply please so they can plan:

1.  Lasagna

2.  Tilapia (parmas. crusted grilled) with grilled veggies

3.  Parmesan Chicken(with a chicken breast,etc.)

4.  All three come with a salad and non alcoholic drink for a total price of $17 including tax and tip

Remember, this is the one benefit of raising the money at the car show, the club pays for this meal.  I promised Bella Vita i would give them a round number of guests and round number of the type of meal by right after Thanksgiving.

Have a great and blessed Thanksgiving,

Robert & Martie

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