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Hill Country Auto Club

Hill Country Auto Club


Please find attached the current updated sponsor list showing all the paid trophy sponsors.  You should look at the third page and see if any of the folks that furnished door prizes are a good contact for any of you.  If so, please call me and tell me you are contacting that person or company so we do not double up so look to see if a member is already on the contact column.

The idea is that this list is who has given before and there may be places you frequent and can talk out of some door  prizes, free meals, etc.  If you have someone in mind you can print the attached sponsor sheet and adapt it to tell what they are giving and how much it is worth.  We will need the name, address and contact person so we can send a thank you letter.  If you have any questions, call or e-mail me.  Even one or two door prizes mean a lot to the club.

I have dropped off the paperwork to the American Legion asking for their annual $200 for trophies, but have not heard yet from them.  If any of you have a contact there or contact with Byron Mein at Edward Jones, contact me asap today as I need to turn in the trophy list Thursday to the engravers.

The car show committee meeting is weekly on Wednesdays so we meet tonight again at Herb’s home at 7 pm.  You are welcome to just come and give us ideas even if you have not attended so far.  Know that one of our newest members, John Penz has went out and gathered up between $400 to $600 and has not lived in Kerrville that long and has not belonged to our club that long.  Kudos to him and all of you need to thank him for his hard work!

Sponsor Form 2014 PDF

Sponsor List

Thanks, Robert


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