April 13, 2014 HCAC Meeting Minutes

Hill Country Automobile Club, Inc.

Sunday – April 13, 2014

Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2014 HCAC Minutes PDF

1)     The meeting was called to order by President Robert Kluting at 2:30 PM.  It was held at Hondo’s – 312 W Main St, Fredericksburg.  Robert Kluting club Pres welcomed members and guests to the meeting.  He addressed the Scholarship and Car Show Meetings and asked for committee volunteers.

2)     A total of 15 members were present

3)     Birthdays:  Robert Sher and Jan had B’days in April.

4)     Treasurer’s Report:  There is no note of Ed Jackson HCAC Treasurer announcement at the meeting.

5)     Old Business:  Scholarship Committee Awards were discussed.  Dues payable now of $25 for singles and $30 for couples – for 2014.  The drive for new members was addressed.  The Car Show Committee Meeting for the 2014 car show at Herb L’s was discussed.

6)     New Business:  Next meeting was set for May 18th the third Sunday due to Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday – with no location recorded at this time.  Chas Sinklier suggested meeting online via Google + to enable distant members attending.  Robert said let’s see if we can set that up.  Robert and another member said they couldn’t find the new HCAC website when searching Gooble.  Chas – webmaster – reminded members the new club website URL is www.HillCountryAutoClub.com and stated that there is a time lag in updating Google migration of new listings.

7)   50-50 Drawing:  Herb was not present – he handles the drawing.

8)   Next Meeting:  Will be May 18, 2014.  The location will be confirmed via email.

9)   Motion to Adjourn:  The motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 3:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

JuJu Sinklier, HCAC Secretary

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