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A Presentation from Chas Sinklier – aka – VivaChas!

Robert and I have spoken in the recent past about demonstrating to the Club what it is I do.  There is really no economical way for me to make such a presentation at an HCAC meeting – at a restaurant.  So I thought the next best thing to accomplish that demo would be to provide a link to my Hot Rodney Hot Rods website for members to explore on their own.

I photograph Hot Rods, Rat Rods and Street Rods and use those photos as reference for Hot Rod Art featured on the Hot Rodney site under the Branded Name – VivaChas!  I utilize Graphic Post Production Techniques to create my work and “post” the results in the form of a “blog” about the adventures of the character VivaChas and his Sidekick JuJuJuni.  The work is sold via the same vendor Anne Geddes the “babies as flowers” photographer uses.  We like the high quality and service that printer provides.

I’m providing a link to the Hot Rodney Home Page and a link to this week’s Blog Post so U can have a look around.  Feel free to subscribe to the VivaChas email newsletter to keep up to date with the latest adventures of – VivaChas & JuJu.  There’s a dialog box on the right side of every page of the site but the home page.  Hope U enjoy Ur visit with VivaChas at Hot Rodney Hot Rods ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

VivaChas Blog Post Link - Click Pix to Go There ~:0)

VivaChas Blog Post Link – Click Pix to Go There ~:0)

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