Nov 10, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Hill Country Automobile Club, Inc.  Nov 10, 2013

Meeting Minutes – – – PDF of Minutes

1)     The meeting was called to order at Bela Sera Restaurant by co-President Herb Gerken at 2:10 PM.

2)     A total of 21 members and one guest were present.  We were pleased to have Joanna Gerken, Her and Mary Lyn’s Granddaughter with us…

3)     Birthdays:  Mel Heck celebrated his birthday on the 3rd.

4)     Treasurer’s Report:  Ed Jackson announced the present checking account balance is $118.00 and the balance for the savings account is $11,095.00.

5)     Old Business:  Herb reminded everyone of those that had volunteered to assume officer duties for 2014.  They are:  Robert Kluting, President; Charles Sinklier, Vice-President; Judith Sinklier, Secretary.   Ed Jackson has agreed to continue as Treasurer and Barbara Walker has agreed to continue as Historian.  All members were polled to ascertain if agreement was made for all officers.  All members agreed so the aforementioned members will assume their duties January 1st, 2014.  Congratulations to new officers and a huge thank you to Ed and Barbara for agreeing to remain in their office for another year.

A special prayer was given for Bill Berry who remains in Peterson Hospital.

It was announced that a member, Jerry Russell, that has since moved to Lockhart suffered a collapsed vertebrae and had emergency surgery.  Jerry is in Seton Hospital in Austin.

6)     New Business:  Our annual Christmas Dinner and Meeting will be at Rails Conference Center from 4 PM to 7 PM on December 8th.  New 2014 officers will be installed at this meeting.  The meal for all members will be paid by the club.  Each member is asked to bring an UNWRAPPED gift appropriate for a child ages 0-14.  These gifts will be given to the Salvation Army for Christmas giving to needy children.  Please ensure your name is added to the list.  If you were not at the meeting, please email David Staggs, Herb Gerken, or Jan Platts to let them know you will be attending.

7)   50-50 Drawing:  Martie Kluting won the drawing of $23.50, which she donated back to the club.  Thank you, Martie.  –  Note Correction at bottom of minutes

8)   Next Meeting:  Will be December 8th at our annual Christmas meeting.

9)   Motion to Adjourn:  The motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 3:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Jan Platts, HCAC Secretary


Wow, I learned fast that JoAnn Heck won the 50/50 drawing and she said she kept the money!!!!  Thank you Robert and JoAnn and Herb for correcting me (but I swear I thought Martie won it).  Now do you believe it is really time for me to give this job up?  Thank you so much Judith for saying you will be the new secretary.

Jan Platts – HCAC Secretary (for one more month)

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