Flaming Model A Ford

Flaming Model A Ford settled in to a low-water-crossing for a good wash at the end of a very fine cruise

Flaming Model A Ford settled in to a low-water-crossing for a good wash at the end of a very fine cruise

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I don’t know about the rest of U lot.  But back home on the occasions when the seasonal rains would provide.  We would take a rod down to the old low-water and give it a good wash.  Weren’t pulling from no well.  And ended up with a net ground-water loss of zero.  That’s for U mathematics out there.  We re-enacted those far-flung days with the ole Flaming Model A Ford hot rod in today’s pix ~:0)


Me old man here in the states has often shared a similar tale from back in the day.  They’d make an outing of it just as we did.  Don’t see much of that now-a-days.  Probably got some law against washing an instrument of destruction in state owned surface waters.  Maybe one day I’ll care enough to look into the matter.  Thing of it is – our reenactment with the ole Flaming Model A took place in a low-water crossing.  Nice spot – recent rains meant the bush was nice and green.  And let’s not forget the nice elevation shift one finds in the hill country gave us lovely fresh flow across a rock bed that made for a beautiful setting. ~:0)


The ole Flaming Model A as we’ve come to call it is one of the nicer rides we’ve seen in a long time.  For U metrix  users – we judge seemingly vague time references in more exacting terms than U might imagine.  Just a quick example b/4 we move on – right?  Yeh – here goes.  Not long – we reckon is somewhere close to two hectares divided by the number of meters… Or is it METRES?  Anyway once U’ve got the circumference of Ur croissant the rest is all water over the road – so to speak – Ha! ~:0)


Any-hoo – back to the Flaming A we left back with the billy.  This rod has one of me all-time fave features.  And that is a nice sun-shade over the wind-screen (shield).  And so’s not to impede forward progress they drilled some flapping big holes in it.  Which makes that thing just that much cooler looking in my book!  Next fab effect is the obvious fine flame job we got going from the hot yellow flames on the firewall.  And then they be fading back to orange and red as they blows back along the sides.  – He said stating the obvious – Ha! – But thas how we talk of such things isn’t it.  Think they call it communication!  ~:0)


I know what Ur thinking out there!  Where’s the VivaChas clouds?  Weren’t none!  We don’t create every little condition in our shots U know.  Those are real skies.  Those are real Texas hills!  That’s real water flowing across the crossing.  Even the Flaming Model A’s the real deal!  Now the VivaChas! signature wasn’t floating there in mid-air.  And all the space-time from the viewing screen out into infinity is a construct of Ur imagination.  –  Know what I mean?  I mean – are U sure Ur real mate?  R U?  Really?  ~:0) VivaChas!

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