Chevy Rat Rod Pickup 1936

Chevy Rat Rod Pickup 1936 Saw This Rod's Birth Now It's Reborn Sorta

Chevy Rat Rod Pickup 1936 Saw This Rod’s Birth Now It’s Reborn Sorta

This Chevy Rat Rod Pickup Began Life Back in 1936 - Buy a Print Now ~:0)

When we walked onto the grounds of the 2013 Boerne Texas Corvette Show by the back way we came upon this Chevy rat rod.  Yeah I know.  It was a car show made primarily of Corvettes.  Even got the mark Corvette in the name of the show.  Four Hundred or more Chevrolet Corvettes but this pickup – this fab chevy rat rod pickup was the first rod I see.   That’s what I do – - I See Rat Rods! ~:0)

It didn’t take but two-seconds to turn away from the overtly over-done mint-green – perfectly restored Chevy pickup in my path.  And step into the gravity-well around this chevy rat rod!  This bewdy belonged to Allen Hoover a hill country resident rodder.  I say belonged to Allen b/c the chevy rat rod was for sale at the time.  The asking price on the rod was $12,500 USD.  That’s not a bad go when U go down the list of extras on this rat rod truck. ~:0)


The mill’s a 283 small block Chevy.  Plenty of power for a chevy rat rod this lithe.  The tranny is a T10 Borg and Warner 4 Speed – a stout transmission.  The whole frame’s been boxed for strength.  The cab’s been channeled.  And the rod has a new front straight axle w/ Vega Cross-Steer.  A new Walker radiator takes ample care of cooling and a Painless wiring set complete with LED’s means no electrical probs.  And the chevy rat rod truck comes with tons of extra parts.  Bargain! ~:0)


Ole Allen’s got a fine ride in this Chevy rat rod pickup from all the way back in 1936.  He’s selling and he’s willing to entertain a trade.  I’ve got his phone number around here somewhere.  Guess I could share it with a serious buyer if the truck is still available.  No Promises!  It was such a great hit at the show it’s probably gone.  But that sticker price might have been a stickler for most.  I know when I’m rod shopping I’m often surprised by an asking price.  Then again I’m often startled by the settling deal in the end.  Trade-ins can often put a nice deal over the line for a happy transaction.  U never know! ~:0) VivaChas!

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