Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

Camaro Hot Wheels Edition from Chevrolet is Hard to Resist with that cute little logo on the side ~:0)

Camaro Hot Wheels Edition from Chevrolet is Hard to Resist with that cute little logo on the side ~:0)

Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition – Buy a Print Here ~:0)

Okay this is Cool.  Apparently marketing at Chevrolet has come up with a wizard of an idea.  Or maybe it was the brilliant lot at Mattel came up with it.  But here it is!  So guys played with zippy little metal cars as tykes.  And secretly this same mob collected the flash rods as adolescents.  Off to college or the salt-mines round twenty.  Finish school or get that promotion while everyone else was at school.  And they buys the Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels Edition b/c they’re indoctrinated to buy Hot Wheels.  Brilliant!!! ~:0)

Camaro Hot Wheels Marketing

I like a good marketing program having worked in marketing some yonks looking back.  For those of U more recently educated.  –  And I’m sure we all know I’m using that term loosely.  And again I’m not dissing anyone b/c even those victimized by the “New” educational agenda know they’ve been short-changed.  But!  Everybody’s always got a Big But!  (tip-0-the-hat to Pee Wee Herman~:0)  But – the more recent mob of graduates played with these little cars like this Camaro Hot Wheels.  And now he’s beautifully compliant to the wiles of marketers.  Whew!  That was a lot of wind to get out.  Feel a bit better for it though.  – Ha!

It’s a Camaro Hot Wheels Concept!

Anyway!  Back to the Camaro Hot Wheels concept.  What a clever marketing program to stick the finger into someone’s brain and stir that muck around with treasured moments from childhood.  Impossible as it is for the average sheila to follow the semi-intricate workings of an adolescent man’s mind – I’ll try to explain.  Yeh I’ve been granted the wisdom to translate human nature – it’s a Gift!  So here goes.  Those toy cars that later grew into “collector’s” items left their mark right in the center of the Tall Boys forehead.  Sometimes literally – Ha!

Men R Helpless

And having done – these men are helpless when that beautiful “Hot Wheels” logo appears attached to a full sized Camaro Hot Wheels.  They see the logo – they’s the churning sound of cognitive process.  And as the French say – The Trick She is Done!  That’s right the power of marketing again wins the day for all sorts of manufacturing entities.  And that’s a good thing!  Don’t misunderstand!  It’s a GOOD THING!

Selling Makes Work!

U see w/o these sales – no body works.  Without working stiffs spending their feebly earned money on stuff like the Camaro Hot Wheels – nobody gets paid.  It’s a beautiful example of the circle of life!  Most of us no longer hunt game.  We buy stuff instead.  We spend money.  Then we have to get more money to buy more stuff.  So we show up at work.  There we trade our time for money.  Is this sinking in at all? ~:0)

Generational Marketing

Point of it is – with the Camaro Hot Wheels – we’ve got an example here of generational marketing!!!  That’s a marketing program designed to start selling to kids.  Creating collectors through adolescence.  Which now-days lasts often past thirty.  And then exercising mind-control over adults.  Brilliant!  Then the cycle starts all over again.  Bewdy!  I love marketing – I do!  Say – while Ur here U should get a nice Camaro Hot Wheels work of Art created by VivaChas!  It’s a collectors item.  And it’s an iconic representation for these great little cars U grew up loving.  Go On!  U know U want to!  ~:0) VivaChas!

VivaChas Camaro Hot Wheels T-Shirt!

Hot Wheels Camaro T-Shirt from VivaChas!

Hot Wheels Camaro T-Shirt from VivaChas! Click Pix to Buy a Tee!

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More Hot Wheels Camaros Spread Throughout the Site!

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