Black Monte at Harry Chin’s Place Over East Side of Town

Black Monte at Harry Chin’s Place Over East Side of Town

This 77 Black Monte Carlo Burn Out is a crowd pleaser at this venue! The Chevy Monte Carlo is often pictured as a sporty family ride. But packing a 454 cubic inch mill the docile family car become a real fire-breather! – Watch and Enjoy b/4 reading and seeing more! ~;0) Video Source:  BiggsVI

Black Monte Art

Black Monte Automotive Art from VivaChas! - Go Shop for your Print or other swag! ~;0)

Black Monte Automotive Art from VivaChas! – Go Shop for your Print or other swag! ~;0)

77 Chevy Black Monte at Harry Chin’s

We took the 77 Black Monte – Yeh we been cross-town over near Morning Side. At Harry Chin’s Place Over East Side. It’s in the red light district where the neon shines bright. And they’re open all night! They’ll treat you right over at Harry Chin’s. Where you might run into that VivaChas Crew. They come for the beer and pool. Harry’s cue-sticks are straight and he don’t stand for the breaking of his rules. And if you see ol’ Chas Sinklier there tell him his ol’ lady’s looking for him. She wants to oil his new tattoo. The one that says, “IRO Forever”!   ~;0) VivaChas! – Haa!

What’s IRO Forever Mean?

Black Monte Carlo Tees from VivaChas! This is the Ride! - Shop Now!

Black Monte Carlo Tees from VivaChas! This is the Ride! – Shop Now!

Had a buddy confused about what I meant when I wrote, “IRO Forever”, in the short tale above. IRO Forever – refers to The Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJuni and our Forever relationship! – Harry Chin’s Place came about during our Christmas Visit to our Oldest Son and his massive family up in the High-Plains of Lubbock, Texas. We went to a restaurant called Lucky Chen’s Chinese Restaurant just off the Texas Tech Campus on the Main Drag. – As usual my imagination ran wild! Essentially this tale started as Hairy Chin’s Cantonese Cuisine. Then it refined into its present form. Harry Chin’s Place – pool hall and tonsorial parlour. There were about a dozen or more of us enjoying family style dining – But – family stuff didn’t quite go with the gangsta’ flair of the Black Monte – and so the story goes – – – Thanks Paul for inspiring this explanation! ~;0) VivaChas!

Tall Sizes of the Monte Carlo Tee are at this Link. Regular and Big sizes can be had by clicking the T-Shirt pix on the right! ~;0)

More Story Coming Up After These Stats on Black Monte

The 77 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a generational ride. Ultimately made from 1970-2007 though non-continuously it offered something special. It was Different! As always when you want a cool ride – rig up something different! And because of the artificially orchestrated gas shortages of the seventies being different drew the short straw. Monte came with little motors. Primary the 305 V-8 pushed the heavy ride forward at a leisurely pace. Sadly not much rodding potential there. The step up engine the small block 350 offered little more umph! And the 400 cubic-inch V-8 fell from the lineup. But! – as you saw in the video top of page – there’s plenty of room under the hood for a 454 Big Block in Black Monte! Make your ride as you like it is my credo. That’s a Go! ~;0)

So What’s a Tonsorial Parlour?

Some mentioned that not everyone knows what a tonsorial parlour is. You may remember the reference to such higher up the page. I mentioned Harry Chin’s Place as a Pool Hall and Tonsorial Parlour. So here’s a video about the Tonsorial Arts so you know where I’m coming from. Hope you enjoy it!  Video Source: Absinthe Parlour

The World Best Pool Hall is an Impossible Dream!

Harry Chin’s is the World’s Best Pool Hall! – Or – Billiards Parlour as some are inclined to say. What follows is a wordless video scrapbook of Billiards, Pool and Pool Halls. The pool shooters in these vintage pix are some of the Greats of the Game! Some of you will get it. Some may not – But! Stick with it! I think you’ll get the picture!   Video Source: Chicago Billiard Museum

To learn more about pool I suggest you visit the Chicago Billiard ~;0)

But What About the Tattoo?

Yeah! – Oiling a tattoo spat out! – What’s that about? Tattoos are a commitment! As one of the creatives in this mob says, “It’s like what’s inside him on the outside! – And! What’s with $80 Tat vs. $875 Tat. Are any of them worth it? Watch! And then Decide. It’s up to you! There’s always somebody willing to give you their two-cents worth of negative opinion. It is what You make of it. Tats are forever. Don’t make yourself unemployable. Don’t make it something you’ll regret. – But! – If you’ve got the spirit for it in the end it is what you decide it is! Don’t settle for cheese when it’s hollandaise that you want!  ~;0)  Video Source: BuzzFeedBlue

Black Monte – So In The End – – –

Like the song says. “In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Are You a Story-Teller? Are you Imaginative? Are You a Doer? – If you are – You just might be a Hot Rodder. Or maybe you’re a writer. You maybe an Artist. If all or any of that is what you are – then be the best at it! Accept the limits of what you are. And then push those limits to become more!  Video Source:  AndyBoy 63

Until the next time – Get Up! – Get Out There and Cruise!  ~;0) VivaChas!

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