71 Z28 Camaro Tribute

71 Z28 Camaro Tribute the Muscle Car I'd choose for a midnight cruise

71 Z28 Camaro Tribute the Muscle Car I’d choose for a midnight cruise

71 Z28 Camaro Tribute Suitable For Framing – Buy a Print Here ~:0)

The night was sultry by the time we got back to the clubhouse.  We’d been on a shoot up on the ridge above Screwy-Louie’s old place.  We could see across the cove there was nothing going on at Louie’s.  We stopped in at the clubhouse for some fresh cigars and decided to get some eats down at Dutting’s Diner other side of the Medina dam.  We knew we would make good time over to Bill’s place b/c we were driving a 71 Z28 Camaro.  And we knew all the deputies were at the Spring Dance. ~:0)

I Wuz Never There! ~:0)

This 71 Z28 was never on the Chevrolet assembly line in its current state.  Chevy didn’t make this Camaro Z28.  Some clever jacks did.  They took a nice 71 Camaro and rebuilt it a Z28.  They laid an even better crate motor in the engine bay and pronounced the sacred words – Tribute Car – anna bewdy of a 71 Z28 was born.  Here’s a video with a great Z28 in it that was for sale up in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  Offered by the guys at Streetside Classics.  Love this Camaro – could be b/c it’s in me fave colors. ~:0)  Video Source: StreetsideClassics

DFW Chevy Camaro Z28 Tribute

The Real Thing?

Is this burgundy Camaro from VivaChas with the Z28 stripes the real thing?  Real enough in my book.  Is it worth the same as a factory 71 Z28?  Don’t think so.  Not to them’s that have the knowing on such things.  I’m just there to take the pictures.  If U know what I mean.  But it ran like a scalded 71 Z28.  It certainly sounded like a mad at the throttle Camaro Z28.  Olewhatshername and me decided to enjoy the evening and accept all the back slapping down at Dutting’s.  And we managed to choke down a couple bowls of Bill’s chili b/4 we decided we’d had enough of the fourecks that fine evening.

Lots to Choose From

Original vintage Z28s are too rare to go around.  Hence the Tribute concept.  The Camaro in this video from WeBe Autos started life as a 6 Cylinder.  When it became a Tribute car its life began anew!  Helps folks realize a formerly impossible dream.  Wish I got a commission when one of these sells – Ha! Video Source: WeBe Autos

Gotta Love It!

We’d enjoyed a bewdy of a sunset with twilight creeping in all round.  And we took great pleasure in driving the best looking 71 Z28 Camaro Tribute in Bandera county as sundown stole away our Big Light.  We decided an evening cruise with the A/C blowing was the way to deal with a humid night.  And a good time was had by all.  Imagine a print of this bewdy up on Ur wall!  Go on get one – U’ll love it! ~:0) VivaChas!

1969 RS Z28 Tribute Test Drive

Let’s take a ride in one of these nice Z28s.  The feeling in the gut when roaring down the lane in one of these rods is superb!  Makes U wanna write home to Mama for sure.  Enjoy the ride ~:0) Video Source: KompactKarKorner

71 Z28 Camaro Tribute at Hot Rodney Hot Rods

It’s fun looking these rides over.  Bunches of ’em for sale out there.  If U really want one there’s certainly no shortage of nice Tribute Drivers out there.  When you got an all original Z28 they cost around 100 Grand.  A tribute is lots less and can be let out on the open roads without your insurance man having a coronary! – Ha!  You may not have considered a Tribute b/4 today.  Now you have more options! Happy Hunting ~:0) VivaChas!  Video Source: Steve Arrendale

Speaking of Doing Stuff that’s Fun!

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