48 Dodge Business Coupe Rat Rod

48 Dodge Business Coupe Soaking Up The Rays On A Sunny Afternoon

48 Dodge Business Coupe Soaking Up The Rays On A Sunny Afternoon

48 Dodge Business Coupe Rat Rod

I know not everyone is a fan of the Rat Rod Skool of motor cars.  That said – I’d rather build – work on – drive a rat rod b/c they are so much like the really old skool hot rods of yesteryear.  “I don’t know about you, but I’d be okay with never seeing another ’57 Chevy hot rod if I live to be 1,000 years old. But a Dodge business coupe? Why, yes.

In its day, Dodge’s Wayfarer series, of which the business coupe was one of three variants, was a robust, low-priced econobox favored by non-nonsense types like plumbers and mafia hitmen. Most collectors hover around the roadster version like mustachioed vultures, but it’s the notchback business coupe that looks the best when hot rodded in some fashion.  In this week’s episode of Big Muscle, Mike Musto drives a ’49 Wayfarer that’s gotten some upgrades (including a Chevy small block) that make it the perfect daily driver for anyone with a penchant for the old, but who wouldn’t be caught dead in a run-of-the-mill classic.  Its relative rarity may make the Wayfarer fresh to us, but for some errant mobsters, it was the last car they ever saw.”  Source Jalopnic

1949 Dodge Wayfarer: Gangster Style – /BIG MUSCLE

“Black paint, steel wheels and a look and feel that any high ranking mobster would kill for. This is the 1949 Dodge Wayfarer and unbeknownst to some, it’s one of the coolest old school hot-rods we’ve ever seen. Owner Dan Zuccaro has taken a vehicle with humble roots and transformed it into a superb driver, show stopper and bad-ass street rod that steals the show wherever it goes.”  Source: /DRIVE

48 Dodge Business Coupe – Well No Not Really

Wait!  Maybe it is a 1948 Dodge Business Coupe. Let’s have a closer look.  –  “Street Rod Project. Camaro front end. 65 corvette 327 engine. Leather interior. still needs body work and some wiring and other misc. things. Asking $6000. Possible trades for muscle car from 60’s era.  Northwest Florida.”  Source: Nina Anne McCalvin

Don’t know if it’s still for sale but this one could be a good deal – Check It Out! ~:0) 



“The first time I rode in this Dodge, I was 5 years old in the mid 50’s. My Grandmother’s uncle bought this ’39 Dodge new. To visit this uncle my Grandmother and I rode a streetcar to south St. Louis and would meet him at the local Kroger store and he would drive the three of us to his home. These visits went on for years. 1939 marked th 25th year anniversary of Dodge and it was a good year for this make by selling 183,046 units, a rise in production of over 58%. Styling changes included headlights mounted in the fenders, V-type split windshield, and a rounded horizontal grille. Now Hayes Body Co. provided the body of the DeLuxe town coupe which sold for $1,055 and looked very much like an early hardtop but it had only 348 takers. Whereas this business coupe had 4,600 buyers and cost a mere $803 bucks. The engine is an L-head 6, 228 cid with 105 bhp. Eventually, this Dodge ended up in the hands of a personal friend who did an extraordinary job in restoring it. So, I’m very glad to still see a piece of a long-running memory. Thanks very much for viewing this beautifully restored 1939 Dodge Business Coupe.”  Source: 55lincoln

More 48 Dodge Business Coupe Stuff – Sort Of ~:0)

1948 Dodge Hot Rod Coupe

Though not a 48 Dodge Business Coupe Rat Rod this Dodge Custom Coupe show what can be done by those building “Middle Skool” – That’s between Old Skool and New Skool – Ha!  “This classic 1948 Dodge coupe was turned into a street rod with beautiful red paint and tan interior. Under the hood, you will find a 350 small block Chevy engine and an automatic transmission. Options include: A/C, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Tilt Wheel, Leather Interior, and Aluminum/Alloy Wheels. This street rod is quite a catch, you do not see these 40s Dodges in this condition too often. The engine and transmission is freshly rebuilt and have just 2387 miles. Also new is the interior, paint, tires, and wheels. The exterior is coated in a gloss red paint and shows nice. For better handling, the Dodge has been upgraded with a Chevelle front suspension. I hope you find it interesting…thanks for watching!”  Source: RamblinAround

48 Dodge Business Coupe Ad – No – But – – – 

1948 Dodge Family Ad from the Great Folks at Old Car Advertising! ~:0)

1948 Dodge Family Ad from the Great Folks at Old Car Advertising! ~:0)

Source: Old Car Advertisements / Old Car Advertising

Okay! U know I like Roadkill and here’s the next episode fresh from the lads – give it a look ~:0)

Dirt Cheap Rat Rod!

1968 Charger Buildup and Thrash – Roadkill

“Freiburger and Finnegan think this is the best episode so far! It’s the longest, too. This show has it all: a Mad-Max-vibe 1968 Dodge Charger built with motorhome parts, sideways Dukes-style action, lots of low-buck wrenching, hilarious snafus, and cameo appearances by the Macho Grande from episode 8, the ’66 Buick Special convertible from a pre-Roadkill episode, the ramp truck from episode 20, and the Fury from episode 22. Enjoy the last Roadkill of 2013!”  Source: Motor Trend Channel


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48 Dodge Business Coupe Soaking Up The Rays On A Sunny Afternoon

48 Dodge Business Coupe Soaking Up The Rays On A Sunny Afternoon



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