39 Merc Rag Top Etched on a Dirty Table Top

39 Merc Rag Top copyrighted art from VivaChas! - Click the Pix to buy a Hot Rod Gift from Chas!

39 Merc Rag Top copyrighted art from VivaChas! – Click the Pix to buy a Hot Rod Gift from Chas!

When U’ve got a 39 Merc Rag Top Etched on a Dirty Table-Top might as well call it Art! That’s what Ol’ Chas Does! – Haa!! Photog GW Gantt said of this pix – “Coffee and beer can rings should be proud to share the table top with a classic Merc ! This is Way cool !” – in all modesty I must agree with GW.  He’s talking about the great 39/40 Mercury. FMC had an understated winner with this fine ride! Maybe we should address – Good Ideas in this week’s blog post! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Gifts!

39 Merc Rag Top Ad from Old Car Advertising - they're great guys! - click pix to visit their site ~;0)

39 Merc Rag Top Ad from Old Car Advertising – they’re great guys! – click pix to visit their site ~;0)

Ad Source: Old Car Advertising

JuJu’s Great Idea that Led to 39 Merc Rag Top!

We’ve got a new coffee table here at the clubhouse. – At Least it’s New in Reuse! –  We were clearing out cobwebs and considered the fate of a 70 year old “Teachers Desk” used and displayed near the door.  It’s day of dominance in that spot had come to an end!  The Wheels were Turning! – JuJu – have I mentioned she’s the Internationally Recognized Opinionist JuJuJuni? – Anyway – Juni suggested that Ol’ Chas – Urs Truly – should repurpose the massive desk into more useful storage with a smaller footprint.    The Game – as they say – was Afoot! ~;0)

We’re Listening to Billy Joel

That’s right – we’re listening to Billy Joel this morning while talkin-up this 39 Merc Rag Top.  He’s a fave when we’re shooting pool in the gameroom! U can listen along if U like. Music video by Billy Joel performing Piano Man.  (C) 1985 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. Video Source: billyjoelVEVO

What’s in a 39 Merc Rag Top?

That which we call a Rose – by another name – would smell as Sweet. (tip-0-the-hat to the Bard) This rag-top pix – It was a bit scary working on it! – Long time birthing it! – It speaks to me – hope it conveys that there R flowers amongst the thorns! – Let’s get back to JuJu’s special table idea. – Long Story Short – We cut that massive desk down! We shortened the legs to get it to the perfect height. We narrowed it to a perfect square. –  And  –  Kept all those heavy blonde oak drawers 4 storage. – Yeah Bewdy! – If U use the idea just send ol’ Chas a small gratuity! – But – What’s that got to do with the 39 Merc Rag Top? ~;0)

Here’s a 40 Mercury – short story with it

We’re talking ideas here.  This video shows U a great looking example of a fab ride. “1940 Mercury Eight Convertible for sale! (back in 2009) This is one rare Mercury – there were only 978 produced and believed to be only a small number of those left. This particular car has been in the same family since 1969. – and – It was rumored to be formerly owned by Marilyn Monroe! It is covered in an older blue coat of paint with a red vinyl interior. It is powered by an original style flathead V8 engine. – and – It still has the numbers matching 3 speed manual transmission under the car.” Video Source: RamblinAround

Okay – Here’s What Happened!

So what’s come to be known as JuJu’s Table has a hand-rubbed finish.  It was lovingly applied by Ur’s Truly. – Now I’m not casting aspersions on anyone in particular.  After all – a table is just a thing. – But! – Everyone has a big But according to the hugely talented Pee Wee Herman.  – But – On a classic hand-rubbed finish one might expect the use of readily available drinks coasters to be mandatory. – It is to Laugh b/c that is simply not the case! That great looking table is covered with every drinks and food ring imaginable! – I’m not naming names but one of the mob working on the Rings Creation goes by the initials JJJ! – Ha! ~;0))

39 Mercury Convertible a Texas Hillcountry Ride to Remember - Clik the Pix to Get a Print

39 Mercury Convertible a Texas Hill Country Ride to Remember – Clik the Pix to Get a Print

The Merc Emerges!

Can’t tell U lot how many times I’ve had a pix proof sat down 4 a moment covered in drinks rings on return.  U’d think there’d be more respect for a person’s intellectual property. – But – The InterWeb has taught us that’s not to be the case! – Haaa!! – So – this dye-sub proof is on JuJu’ Table covered in drinks rings. Long/Short – thus was born the concept 4 the 39 Merc Rag Top! – – – Birthed from Stains! Art is where U find it! – Well – That and hours of camera and photoshop work in it’s creation! – Point Is – What? – There’s a Point to All This? – Point is – so much of life is seeing what’s good amongst the everyday detritus. – Sometimes the trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise! And opportunity to climb to new heights! – So that which doesn’t destroy our feelings – Art-Wise – Could just make us Stronger! – Guess that’s why the VivaChas Motto round these parts is what it is. – – – Get Up! – Get Out! – And Cruise! – – – Let’s add – Stay Strong! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Gifts!!

Get Ur VivaChas Tee Shirts!

39 Merc Rag Top Tee Shirt from VivaChas Hot Rod Gifts! - click pix to shop ~;0)

39 Merc Rag Top Tee Shirt from VivaChas Hot Rod Gifts! – click pix to shop ~;0)


That’s right! – If U R anything like most of the rest of the world – U wear clothes. – Mostly – Click the Pix to shop 4 T-Shirts! ~;0)


Bite into some RoadKill with Chas!

“This episode of Roadkill is stuffed with speed parts donated by sponsors. That ought to make the install easy, right? Not when you decide to embark on a road trip! It’s from Phoenix, Arizona to Wichita, Kansas in January in a station wagon that’s missing a few windows and you want to install the parts along the way. Finnegan and Freiburger are at it again taking the hard way out by fixing up a 1969 Buick Wagon during a brutal winter road trip! They spent as much time hanging out in parking lots as they did hotels.” Video Source: Motor Trend Channel

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