36 Ford Pickup Luckenbach Hot Rod

36 Ford Pickup Luckenbach Hot Rod

36 Ford Pickup Luckenbach Hot Rod

36 Ford Pickup – Luckenbach – Hot Rod – Rat Rod – Custom Car Show

I dunno – there’s just something about that “cow-catcher” radiator shroud on the 1936 Ford that makes this old heart go pity-pat.  –  Add to that the pickup truck body style some nice nerf-bars, alloy-wheels and fat tires you’ve got a winner of a ride in this 36 Ford Pickup.  And don’t forget it’s Orange!!! ~:0)

The Orangest 36 Ford Pickup I’ve Seen!

This custom truck with it’s orange paint makes for a rather bright impression pulling up into the church-yard on Sunday morning or for a day at the park.  That makes it a great weekend driver for sure.  If you’re gonna drive – how about we ride in style.  And this fab pickup is all about style.  I photograph enough of these rigs to where I’m learning what’s involved in working ‘em up into this condition.  A 36 Ford like this is more work and cash than most are willing to put into a vintage machine.   And yet one can be driving something this nice for thousands less than most luxury cars.  I guess it’s a priorities thing ~:0)

36 Ford Pickup from the Ground Up

Now, some might opine that a frame up 36 Ford Pickup custom restoration is still an old car!  –  That’s true.  And yet a completely hand rebuilt Hot Rod Truck in Flaming Orange with an engine that pulls like a freight-train ain’t old! – Ha!  It’s a ride no one else has.  And as Ol’what’shername sez, “It’s a car that looks like something!”  It’s something that would have ended int the crash-palace (wrecking-yard).  But for someone’s artistic hot rodder’s vision it’s been reborn into something that never existed b/4.

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Boy-Howdy!  That kinda talk gets my juices flowing for sure.  By-the-way, this 36 Ford is even more spectacular in person than on the screen.  The only thing does this hot rod justice is a nice 16 x 20 VivaChas! print of the thing.  U should have one of them.  Would look great in the den or game-room.  Maybe a spot near the tap in the ol’ clubhouse.  Or U could get out there and make pictures even if it’s an old 36 Ford Pickup ~:0) VivaChas!

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