34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup

34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup a thing of beauty and mechanical prowess that defines an art form ~:0) VivaChas!

34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup a thing of beauty and mechanical prowess that defines an art form ~:0) VivaChas!

 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup – Get Ur Print Here – We’ll Wait ~:0)

I’m calling this rod a Rat Rod b/c that’s what the owner called it.  That – and it is painted flat black.  The truck is not finished to the level of perfection of a restoration or a Hot Rod.  But!  This 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup is really  nice – And! – it has a crate-motor as its power-plant!  I mean just take a look at the VivaChas Picture that illustrates this piece.  It’s a bewdy!  Gots nice details and all.  I think the point is – It’s an Old-School Rod that’s homage to the early rodding produce of the fifties.  And that! – is one of the many definitions of a Rat Rod!  ~:0)

Ford V-8 Ad from the Thirties - Courtesy Old Car Advertising ~:0)

Ford V-8 Ad from the Thirties – Courtesy Old Car Advertising ~:0)

Ford and its V-8

Ford was all about its V-8 back-in-the-day.  It wasn’t quite like today’s stable of V-8s.  It was a Flat-Head V-8.  “Often called simply the “Ford V‑8”, after its new engine. Although the V8 configuration was not new when the Ford V8 was introduced in 1932, the latter was a market first in the respect that it made an 8-cylinder affordable and a V engine affordable to the emerging mass market consumer for the first time. It was the first independently designed and built V8 engine produced by Ford for mass production, and it ranks as one of the company’s most important developments. A fascination with ever-more-powerful engines was perhaps the most salient aspect of the American car and truck market for a half century, from 1923 until 1973. The Ford flathead V8 was perfectly in tune with the cultural moment of its introduction, leading the way into a future of which the Ford company was a principal architect. Thus it became a phenomenal success. The engine design, with various changes but no major ones, was installed in Ford passenger cars and trucks until 1953, making the engine’s 21-year production run for the U.S. consumer market longer than the 19-year run of the Ford Model T engine for that market. The engine was on Ward’s list of the 10 best engines of the 20th century. It was a staple of hot rodders in the 1950s, and it remains famous in the classic car hobbies even today, despite the huge variety of other popular V8s that followed.” Source: Wiki

History of the Rat Rod

But we’re talkin’ bout Rat Rods! And I like what the author of – History of the Rat Rod – over at Autoculture had to say about Rat Rods – – –  “It’s the new millenium –– computers the size of fingernails, phone calls through your car’s satellite radio –– and hotrodding has been a cultural movement for more than 75 years now. We’re also 15 years into the Rat Rod…a scene within a scene that came about as a backlash against street rods that had become so perfect, so expensive, so flawless that they had just about nothing to do with what a real hot rod was always supposed to be.

Rat Rod Pickup from over at Auto Culture - thanks for the use ~:0)

Rat Rod Pickup from over at Auto Culture – thanks for the use ~:0)

What started out as a pure and emotional response in the mid-Nineties to those tropical-colored six-figure machines that dominated the main-stay magazines through the Eighties had become its own worst enemy by the mid-2000s. The cobbled-together primered mess widely considered a “rat rod” these days is an embarrassment to the founders of the subculture, so we thought a chronological primer of the milestone cars and builders who created the Rat Rod in the first place was long overdue. As Hemmings Motor News said, “it’s an idea whose time has come,” and we’re proud to bring you the original History Of The Rat Rod….More at THE HISTORY OF THE RAT ROD, PART IX: Rudy Rodriguez 


Henry Ford and his Flathead V-8 pix credit Ford via Newsday ~:0)

Henry Ford and his Flathead V-8 pix credit Ford via Newsday ~:0)

Pickup Trucks Rule!

I have a fondness for pickup trucks  –  I admit it!  And this 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup is just about as good as U might sensibly want it to get.  Here’s my point!  I’ve seen too many “Hot Rods”  and  “Street Rods”  that were essentially  “Show Cars”  And usually a show-car is defined as a rod with a perfect body slathered in a paint job that’s worth more than most Miami power boats!  Now don’t get me wrong!  I will not pretend to be in charge of how someone else does their rod or lives their life.  Nobody needs me or anyone else to tell them what to do.  Just pinning down some definitions so we can have some understanding about the many types of rods.  ~:0)



Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne) and Pee-wee on the 1990 episode "Camping Out" - Pix Wiki

Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne) and Pee-wee on the 1990 episode “Camping Out” – Pix Wiki


But! – U know – Pee-Wee Herman was so right when he said, “Everybody’s got a Big But!”  –  But  –  What is the point of all these definitions?  This 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup doesn’t need our stinking definitions!  Is it some hold-over from our collective ancient past when the Greeks drove us all nuts with their philosophies based on linear thought?  –  WHOA!  –  Where did that come from?  Let me cool off a moment with a fourecks b/4 I continue.  Good job I’m writing this missive within reach of a draft-tap here at the Local and can recover my preferred calm!  – Ha!



Fourecks pix thanks to Hoppsy dot com - Good Site!

Fourecks pix thanks to Hoppsy dot com – Good Site!

Down at the Pub

Okay – that’s a little better.  Got to realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And me and the rest of the ne’er-do-wells down here at the local watering-hole agree that this is one great looking truck.  It owes its good looks to a mob of folks though.  First off – Ford Motor Company built the thing back in the Thirties and it was one fine pickup back-in-the-day.  It still does the job as a nice light duty pickup.  But it’s earned its rest – having survived many more years than most.  Then comes the hand of a more recent designer.  This master-artist lowered the whole truck.  Put some good looking wheels on the thing.  Got an outrageous mill in the the tiny engine bay.  And all that’s not hardly the beginning of this 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup.  ~:0)

Love – Envy – Lust!

The thing’s been completely hand re-built.  It’s been lovingly dismantled.  It’s been carefully and thoroughly made better than new.  I’m just experiencing the smallest bit of residual envy and – and – let’s face it!  Lust!  That’s right – I guess it’s lust!  I love this machine!  It’s a wonder of a ratty old pickup truck and I love it!   –  This is where the voice of reason must step in though.  The former – Olewhatshername – now recognized as JuJu my best-est ole buddy and life-long companion – has brought her ability to reign in my emotions to bare on this situation.  “U Can’t love a thing!”  She says.  “U can only love people!”  Well Okay!  I give!  I don’t love this 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup!  Though I do have a very strong liking for the rig.  ~:0)

Again – That’s Okay!

In my book – this rod is where rodding is at!  It’s not perfect.  It’s imperfections are a part of its overall charm.  It’s engine is a bit on the over-done side of the mark – for my taste.  But again that’s okay!  This 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup simply epitomizes the creative act of rat rodding for me.  If there was any sort of legroom in the cab – I’m not sure I could resist the thing.  Thank goodness good ole JuJu was close at hand to bring me back from the brink of insanity.  If U’re at all like me – U’ll Need a nice print of this Rat Rod Truck.  I have this one hanging in the bedroom where I can go to sleep dreaming about a King-Cab version of an old pickup like this one.  An old truck with legroom!  Now that would be irresistible!  Know what I mean?  ~:0) VivaChas!

Check out this video of a more extreme 34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup – it is so mad – and So Fine! ~:0)

Video courtesy Dinkeys Garage http://www.youtube.com/user/Dinksyblock?feature=watch

34 Ford Rat Rod Pickup at Hot Rodney Hot Rods

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