32 Ford Coupe Sketch

32 Ford Coupe Sketch of a Classic Street Rod ~:0) VivaChas!

32 Ford Coupe Sketch of a Classic Street Rod ~:0) VivaChas!

32 Ford Coupe Sketch – Buy a Print Here ~:0)

Of the 1932 Ford it has been said that it can be the only hot rod vintage.  So many rules!   Well so many rules for some.  I mean – which of the 32 Fords fit the criteria?  The three-window?  The five-window?  Coupe?  Sedan?  Convertible?  Roadster?  Personally I’m not so much on rules.  This 32 Ford Coupe Sketch seems hot rod like to me.  Or is it a street rod? ~:0)

1932 Ford 5w Coupe Hot Rod in Storage for almost 30 years!

You’ll note the 32 in the vid below has 5 windows.  It has a bit more room thanks to the added space indicated by the small quarter windows behind each main side window.  This Beautiful 1932 Henry Ford body on original 32 rails was built in the late 60’s to early 1970’s and featured Jag front and rear suspension but has since been upgraded to Stainless Steel Heidts in the front. The Root Beer Brown paint is showing the perfect amount of Patina a 40 year old paint job should. Cars like this are part of Hot Rodding History.” Source: fleetcaretrucks

So – Is this 32 Ford Coupe Sketch of a Street Rod?

Is the rod depicted in this 32 Ford Coupe Sketch a street rod b/c it has a hood?  Do hot rods have no hood?  B/c it has a roof is it street?  Or does the roof have nothing to do with hot rod-ness? – Ha!  “Hot Rod-ness” – how cool is that? ~:0)

1932 Ford Coupe Hot Rod Exterior Walkaround

Quite the Green Flame Job on this 32 Three Window Coupe.  I’m sure the flame job is very nice – though – it seems a bit busy IMHO.  Still – can’t argue with how cool this rod is there in its element.  Music’s fun as well until it stops abruptly – Ha! ~:0) Source: AutoMotoTube

Rules? We don’t need no Stinkin’ Rules!

Anyway what ole VivaChas! is getting at is – who is it makes all these rules?  Is it Hot Rod Magazine?  Maybe it’s done over at Hot Rodney Hot  Rods.  U never know!  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 23, 24, 25 on through 2013 street rods and hot rods.  And I know I’ve seen every kind of ride as a rat rod.  I like rat rods – no rules! – Double-Plus Ha!

Too Cool 31 & 32 Ford Coupe On the Bay 10-5-2013

“These are some great looking ford coupes from the 31 five window coupe to the 32 ford coupe at the 21st annual on the bay bayside park Chula Vista.” Source: 7zerex

Who Makes These Rules Anyway?

Could it be hot rods are show queens and they’re not street legal?  And then Street Rods are legal to drive the hi-ways and bi-ways (ha!) of the world!  Smacks too much of crazy rules again.  I mean really isn’t this pix of the 32 Ford Coupe Sketch of a Hot Rod to most.  And then a Street Rod to many?  I’m so confused!  If only I’d been born and bred out in Cali – then – I bet I’d know the answer!  There are so many great rides out in the L.A., Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Barstow spots on the map that I’m sure the answer to our quest lies out there in the distant West!

BUILT from eBay® — Ep 1: “It’s Uglier Than I Expected”

Thought I’d give you a look at some educational stuff that might help you along on your own quest for a rod.  Car Culture can and often does start and end on Ebay! Source: eBay Motors

We Seek Veritas! ~:0)

Well maybe olewhatshername and VivaChas! will make a pilgrimage out to Cali to find the answer to our “Rules” question.  Seems a quest or at least a game is afoot here at the Clubhouse.  Crank up the camera and charge up the electric rat rod!  To the Rat Cave Juni!  We’re off to seek the truth!  We must be off! – – – We must be – Ha!  Listen!  Give up on the rules!  Kick in to the doin’ of things!  Or at least get a nice VivaChas! pix of this 32 Ford Coupe Sketch up on Ur wall for inspiration.  At least that makes a start! ~:0) VivaChas!

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32 Ford Coupe Sketch at Hot Rodney Hot Rods

32 Ford Coupe Sketch of a Classic Street Rod ~:0) VivaChas!

32 Ford Coupe Sketch of a Classic Street Rod ~:0) VivaChas!



Chas-Sinklier LowBrow Art




Okay – Just One More Episode of Built from eBay ~:0)

Video Source: eBay Motors

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