1956 Calendar Pinup Kustom Kulture from VivaChas


1956 Pinup Calendar page from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! - click to shop

1956 Pinup Calendar page from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! – click to shop

1956 Pinup Calendar Page – Get Ur Print Here – We’ll Wait 4 U

This is the June 1956 Pinup Calendar page from a tribute project by GW Gantt and Chas Sinklier.  We’re doing all the pages as full-sized works of Hot Rod Art.  The calendar is a barrel of fun.  But – these VivaChas Prints R Bigtime!  And this whole project is a flaming part of what they R calling Kustom Kulture.  Guess that makes this our Kustom Kulture Pinup Calendar!  And – One day the calendar will be finished! – Ha!  Really!  We’re working on it! Honest!  ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

Kustom Kulture and Our 1956 Calendar Pinup

What comes to mind when U hear the phrase – 1956 Calendar Pinup?  For me – I picture Mid-Twentieth Century Kustom Kulture.  What’s Kustom Kulture?  The Wiki sez – “Kustom Kulture is an American neologism[.] [and what is a neologism anyway?***][It’s] used to describe the artworks, vehicles, hairstyles, and fashions of those who drove and built custom cars and motorcycles in the United States of America from the 1950s through today. [how does someone write a sentence that long?] [there’s more] It was born out of the hot rod culture of Southern California of the 1960s.” Source: Wiki pinup art

Hot Rods & Pin Up Girls at Ink N Iron Festival

In this vide about “Modern” hot rod pinups U can see the less than demur contemporary interpretation of the art our 1956 Calendar Pinup represents.  If history is any indicator – a trend accelerates until a backlash develops creating a return to the “Classic” original.  Then the trend repeats.  Bet U didn’t know ol’ VivaChas could talk like that! – Ha!  Anyway this vide has some moments from the Ink and Iron Festival from 2009.  “This event took place at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Featuring The Cavaliers of Long Beach, lead sleds and kustoms, old school traditional hot rods, and pin-up girls with tattoos!” Source: MotorMavens

Our 1956 Calendar Pinup and Kustom Kulture

Let’s face it!  Everybody is busy influencing everyone else!  So it is with our 1956 Calendar Pinup.  And that includes the swirling subculture of Kustom Kulture.  “Kustom Kulture is usually identified with the greasers of the 1950s, the drag racers of the 1960s, and the lowriders of the 1970s. [more long sentences]  Other subcultures that have had an influence on Kustom Kulture are the Skinheads[. I gotta break up these long pretentious sentences.] [It includes the] mods and rockers of the 1960s[.]  [Don’t forget] the punk rockers of the 1970s[!] [I’ll add] the metal and rockabilly music [crowd].  [While others include]…the scooterboys of the 1980s, and psychobilly of the 1990s. [See isn’t that more fun to read?]

Wouldn’t a nice Headline be Cool Right Here?

[Ol’ VivaChas had to add a paragraph break.  It was badly needed! – Ha!]  Each separate culture has added their own customizations to the cars[.] [They’ve styled] their own fashions [and] influenced the music. [U could say they] added their own ideas of what is cool[.]  [Can’t really stand these long sentences.  Makes for hard reading.  And thas not cool!] [Point is all these subcultures contributed to] what is acceptable, and what is not. [That includes] Everything from wild pinstriped paintjobs to choptop Mercurys[.] [Who taught these guys to write?] [The Kulture extends] to custom Harley-Davidson and Triumph Motorcycles[.] [And it includes] metal-flake and black primer paint jobs[.] [We need another paragraph break right here – Ha!]

This Works Better – I Think ~:0)

[Kustom Kulture’s influence is found in] music, cartoons, and monster movies[!] [Let’s face it!  It’s had] an impact on what defines anyone and anything who is part of this automobile subculture.”  Source: Wiki  [Sorry about all the “sic” and editing in the preceding from the wiki folks.  Just cannot stand hyper-sentences.  Too hard for people educated recently to follow.  Ol’ VivaChas cares about U guys! ~:0)] 

But – Who Cares? – Haaa!

“Into an era of Lava Lamps, sleek design, tikis, cocktails, fast cars, and some of the rockin’est music you’ll ever hear at.[The following ellipsis R a bit much.  Ida used a dash!  ~:0)] … THE ADELAIDE KUSTOM KULTURE WEEKEND!! Rockin’ since 2003!” [Woot! Adelaide!!] Source: majcenfilms

So What’s it All About? [Alfi]

Point is – a semi-cooperative bunch of rebels banded loosely has cultured a Kulture.  That is according to some Pundits. [Pundits R ‘so called’ experts]  These “Divergents” [Ol’ VivaChas an JuJu R part of that mix] have at least taken or been awarded credit for natural outgrowth.  Remarkable how looking back seemingly unconnected events can be bunched together. [I could have used the word categorized but didn’t want to leave anyone out.] ~:0)

Kustom Kulture show Bottrop 2012

This video gives a kinder/gentler view of Kustom Kulture.  I’m talking about the kind we have in our 1956 Calendar Pinup Art.  Don’t wanna hurt no kangaroos.  It’s said every tub rests on its own bottom.  I think that means – find a bunch U like to hang with.  Just a thought.  Video Source: LosDos creative media

1956 Calendar Pinup Kustom Kulture from VivaChas

As always from VivaChas and the Hot Rodney Hot Rods Mob.  –  Get up!  Get out!  And get involved!  Here’s Ur chance to be a part of a subculture.  That’d be the Kustom Kulture for those of U who have lost their place.  It’s understandable.  There was a lot going on in this post.  – Haaa! ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!

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1956 Calendar Pinup T-Shirt from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! - click to shop

1956 Calendar Pinup T-Shirt from VivaChas Hot Rod Art! – click to shop



BTW *** – Neologism is a word or phrase in general usage but it’s still waiting around.  It’s waiting to be included in accepted general usage.  The phrase we’re talkin bout is Kustom Kulture.  It’s a neologism. – – Double Plus ++ Ha!! ~:0) VivaChas!

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