Buick Estate Wagon Caballero – Drive-In Special

The Buick Estate Wagon is similar to the Chevy Nomad and appealed to automobile buyers who would really rather drive a Buick! And – wanted something Special for the Saturday Night Dive-In! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod Stories! Buick Estate! Not … Continue reading

57 Chevy vs 59 Chevy Which is Queen of the Road

57 Chevy vs 59 Chevy – Hot Rodding Elegance embodied in the ’57 Chevy Bel-Air vs the ’59 Chevy Bel-Air we want to know which is Best – And U Get to Vote on it!!! Voting is about half-way down … Continue reading

Camaro 2015 Yellow and Black

Camaro 2015 in Yellow and Black on a dark ridge overlooking the sea during the Golden Hour one of the VivaChas Hot Rod Stories over at Hot Rodney Hot Rods! Camaro 2015 in Yellow & Black! When I began work … Continue reading

Street Rod Story What is a Street Rod

Street Rod Story – just what is a Street Rodsky? I’ve been asked a million times and I give a different answer every time. At last the definitive answer here at Hot Rodney Hot Rods from Internationally Recognized Authorities VivaChas and … Continue reading

ThunderBird Sky Classic SquareBird by VivaChas

ThunderBird Sky Spotted New Year’s Eve coming to ground somewhere in the Texas Hill Country from one of VivaChas Hot Rod Stories! ~;0) U can Click Here or Click the Pix to Order a Print or Gift Featuring this Classic … Continue reading

Hot Rod Dreams VivaChas Hot Rod Stories

What are Hot Rod Dreams? – – – Obviously Hot Rod Dreams would include pining for that great old ride U had back-in-the-day. For Ol’ Chas it’d be that Sleeper ’56 Ford Fairlane that we’d prowl the streets in looking … Continue reading

Jaguar F-Type Santa’s Secret Sleigh Revealed

Jaguar F-Type Santa’s Secret Sleigh Revealed – Film at Eleven! The Christmas Tribute to Santa’s Secret Sleigh including the Christmas Card and other Yuletide Gifts! – – – Click the Picture above to Shop for Gifts! ~;0) VivaChas Hot Rod … Continue reading

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The Hot Rodney Blog written by Chas Sinklier - Aka - VivaChas! The articles cover Hot Rodding News and Adventures in and around the Texas Hill Country and beyond! And always with the VivaChas point of view as commentary on the latest happenings! ~:0)

VivaChas Hot Rod Art Prints!

Hot Rodney Hot Rod Gifts by VivaChas! You can own Chas's Hot Rod Art and Photography printed on metal, printed on acrylic, printed on stretched canvas and on archival papers and framed if you choose. These are highest quality art prints made in USA and guaranteed by the top vendor in the country. Hot Rod Gifts You'll love 'em! ~:0) VivaChas!

VivaChas Hot Rod T-Shirts Hot Rod Gifts!

VivaChas! decided that rather than wear someone else's T-Shirt designs - It's better to wear your own! And not only are original designs available from the VivaChas! T-Shirt Shop - Big & Tall sizes are all over the place. There are even Hot Rod T-Shirts for the kiddies as well. You wear T-Shirts! Hot Rod Gifts - Get 'em from VivaChas! ~:0)
Hot Rodney Hot Rods - a Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Street Rod, Classic and Vintage Car and Pickup Truck blog that sells Hot Rod Art, Hot Rod T-Shirts, and other Hot Rod and Automobile related Stories and Gifts! With lots of talk, pictures and videos about Hot Rods and Rat Rods. We Drive Rods too! ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art & Hot Rod Gifts!
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