Halloween 2014 at the VivaChas Clubhouse

Halloween 2014 at the VivaChas Clubhouse is the Scariest Hot Rod Art Ever Made! It even Scared Me!  And JuJuJuni won’t even look at it!  There R just some things U Cannot UnSee! – Click Here to Shop 4 Ur Very … Continue reading

53 Buick Special Outside Gantt’s Garage

53 Buick Special is the Solution! In a World Spiraling in on Itself. There’s Only One Man with a Solution to the Anxiety U R Suffering. A Man So Grounded in What’s Up! What’s Going Down! And What’s Downtown in … Continue reading

Hot Wheels Camaro Tee from VivaChas

Hot Wheels Special Edition! Special Edition VivaChas Hot Wheels Camaro Tee – Limited Offer – Here’s Ur Chance to Save a Few $$$ and Get the Most Unique Christmas Gift Ever!!! ~:0) VivaChas Hot Rod Art!  Click the T-Shirt Pix … Continue reading

Hot Rod Pinup Original from VivaChas Hot Rod Art

Hot Rod Pinup from VivaChas! Hot Rod Pinup Original from VivaChas features Moonlight Chevy Pickup and Manda from Gantt’s Garage Series.  That’s a lot of title from a hot rod artist known for long descriptive titles!  It sort of rolls offa … Continue reading

Ride La Bomba! Rat Rod Pickup

Ride La Bomba! Ride La Bomba! – Is the Rat Rod Pickup Truck Ur Mother Warned U About! I first saw this bewdy of a rat rod pickup in a magazine. If memory serves. Then we came across this ride … Continue reading

Atomic-Age Chevy Deluxe Makes The Scene

Atomic-Age Chevy – Get a Print Here In the Atomic-Age Chevy Deluxe shielded the fortunate owner of this Special Edition Chevrolet with layers of lead lining the bodywork and high lead content glass in the event of nuclear fallout. Set … Continue reading

36 Ford Sedan Roomy with a View

  This 36 Ford Sedan Destined for VivaChas Calendar 36 Ford Sedan is the VivaChas impression of a Room with a View! It’s all part of a collaboration with photographer GW Gantt and ol’ VivaChas in a Calendar Project – … Continue reading

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The Hot Rodney Blog written by Chas Sinklier - Aka - VivaChas! The articles cover Hot Rodding News and Adventures in and around the Texas Hill Country and beyond! And always with the VivaChas point of view as commentary on the latest happenings! ~:0)

VivaChas Hot Rod Art Prints!

Hot Rodney Art Prints by VivaChas! You can own Chas's Hot Rod Art and Photography printed on metal, printed on acrylic, printed on stretched canvas and on archival papers and framed if you choose. These are highest quality art prints made in USA and guaranteed by the top vendor in the country. You'll love 'em! ~:0) VivaChas!

VivaChas Hot Rod T-Shirts!

VivaChas! decided that rather than wear someone else's T-Shirt designs - It's better to wear your own! And not only are original designs available from the VivaChas! T-Shirt Shop - Big & Tall sizes are the same low prices as regular sizes. There are even Hot Rod T-Shirts for the kiddies as well. You wear T-Shirts! Get 'em from VivaChas! ~:0)
Hot Rodney Hot Rods - a Hot Rod, Rat Rod, Street Rod, Classic and Vintage Car and Pickup Truck blog that sells Hot Rod Art, Hot Rod T-Shirts, and other Hot Rod and Automobile related Stuff! With lots of talk, pictures and videos about Hot Rods and Rat Rods. We Drive Rods too! ~:0) VivaChas!
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